Hello geeks, I have written some articles on how to save data / battery on Android and also some apps claims they can do but I can’t recommend one because I don’t use them. 
Today, I will be showing you how to easily save data and battery just by turning of apps from connecting in background. You may have limited data plan, then the best thing to do is restrict data usage of  apps you don’t really need or those that consumes a lot of data. 
How To Restrict Background Data Usage 
Go to Settings > Data usage.
Now, you can see the apps which are consuming and how much of your data has been consumed just like the screenshot below:
↠  How To Easily Save Data On Android  by restricting background data
↠ To restrict an a specific app, click on the app name e.g Facebook
↠ Scroll down then you see the restrict background data option.
↠ Enable it.
↠ Click On Restrict Background Data and finally press ok to confirm.
↠ Follow the above steps for all the apps you want.
↠  How To Easily Save Data On Android  by restricting background data
That’s it. The apps you select will not connect while in background and will not consume your data.

To restrict all the background data usage of Android:
↠ Go to settings > Data usage.
↠ Press menu button on the android.
↠ Choose the restrict background data option.
It is important to note that restricting all background data usage on android is not an ideal option if you’ve been receiving notification from specific apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc because the apps only connects while you open them. If you restrict the background data of any app, you’ll not get  any notifications.
Please note that this option only disable the background data usage of the cellular data connection, the apps will connect in background when you’re connected to a WIFI Network.
Please stay updated as this post will be updated with time.

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