One of the most important things that makes your online service(s) looks professional is its domain name which you can’t achieve easily with a free domain or a third party subdomain. Let’s take a look at this: compare to Regardless of their content, consider the simplicity, the length, look, etc. Which one would you love visit if you stumbled both on Google or anywhere? Your choice now is exactly what most of your users would go for.
Are you a blogger or a webmaster who has been thinking of getting a high level domain but seems impossible because you don’t know how to or probably you can’t afford the price now. Here is an headstart for you:
I know of two companies that provide a domain name for about $1.1 a year and if you work smartly with it, renewing price shouldn’t be a problem.
1. Godaddy

, How To Easily Purchase Domains Online 
How To Easily Purchase Domains Online 
This website is a very popular domain new provider with millions of domains registered with them. All you have to do is click the Godaddy link above, search for your preferred domain name and use this coupon cjcgnc99 checkout page (if the price refuse to change to $1.1).
This very website domain is hosted by Godaddy  and the only bad side I think they have is that there is no email customer care support. You have to make calls in order to resolve technicals issues which I think is good but bad for countries without customers support that have to make international calls while the rate is high.
2. 1and1
Buying and setting up a domain with this website is as easy as ABC but remember after successfully purchasing the domain, keep the records of all email sent to you especially the invoice number or so (you can save on Google drive ).
The bad side of this comoany is that they can turn on any additional feature for you without your consent and they auto bill after sending you an email. This is normally resolved by contact them.
3. Namecheap
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4, How To Easily Purchase Domains Online , How To Easily Purchase Domains Online , How To Easily Purchase Domains Online , How To Easily Purchase Domains Online , How To Easily Purchase Domains Online 

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