The Google Blogger is one of the most used online blogging platform. Everyone love and use it because of it’s simplicity meanwhile not considering the cons one of which is  importing *all* your posts without even having administrator’s credentials.
Strictly fot users!
Your posts can easily be imported to other blogs using your RSS/Atom feeds. Today, I’ll show you how you can prevent it (it’s almost unstoppable) and following my below procedures, you can make your copied / imported content be to your own advantage:

1. Redirecting your blogspot feed  address to Google Feedburner.

This doesn’t still make your post not importable but gives more advance tool to do that.
Meanwhile, redirecting your feed to FeedBurner, your site / posts submission via the redirected link to search engines will be affected as there will be an error page. So, always incude ?redirect=false at the end of all your redirected feed links.
This method one will be explained more soon. Please bear with us. 

2. Customizing your feed.

If method one can’t work out for you then you should use this method and use it wisely as it might be a very hard decision to take.
Login to your Blogger dashboard and then Go to Settings and click on Other, you should see something like below:
Select Full to syndicate the entire contents of your post. Select Until Jump Break to show all post content before your jump break. Select Short to syndicate approximately the first 400 characters. If you select None, your blog will not be syndicated and its content will not be indexed by Google Blog Search.
From the screenshot above, you can see I use Full feeds and place some links and ad codes into the Post Feed footer section.
Post Feed footer section will appear after each post in your post feed. If you use ads or
other third-party feed additions, you can enter that code here. You must
also set Allow Blog Feeds to Full (above). 

3. Using Tynt scripts


I have been so busy and I won’t be able to emphasize more on this topic yet but it’ll surely be updated with time. Thanks

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