How to Create An Android App For Any Website In 1 Minute

Hello readers, after several inquiries and request in my mail and some of my social media account about how to create an Android without having a programming background. As we have all known that you can create Android Apps basically with Android Studio App and we need basically Java and XML to do the coding work, now it;s even possible to create an Android App with HTML/CSS, C++ and C, I will be writing about them shortly depending on how less-busy I am. Well, back to the discussion today I will love to share this simplest method of creating an Android Web App for any website within a minute or lesser and I believe we will all love it.

how to create a android web app for any website
Above is the preview of how this wonderful blog appears using the Android App generator, no sign ups, no ads, it’s free.

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1. Download the Android Application Creator/Generator.

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2. Fill in the details correctly. Example below:

Android App creator, no sign ups, no ads, it's free.
3. Then, click on either preview or generate APK. Then, you are good to go.
4. After you APK has been built, if you wish to edit it further to fit your own taste, I employ you to use Android Studio and if now, check the link below:

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Download APK Builder HERE 

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I need comments before I can proceed with explaining how to integrate advertisement into it and make money.

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E.g Using AdMob and not AdSense for content, the above picture is AdSense for content. First ten commenter get my explanation ahead of others.

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