Sometimes we need to get things done online with new details or even in a case where your friend has to use your phone to do something urgent or you used someone’s phone to access a website and you need to get rid of those information as soon as possible without affecting other websites. It’s even easier than you thought.

But firstly, why should you care about clearing a site details stored on your browser when you can actually use incognito mode? Yes, most browsers supports incognito mode. Incognito mode it doesn’t store your cookies and its great yeah! 

Here is how to clear cookies for a specific site in Google chrome (mobile):

1. Lauch the app

2. Go to settings => Site settings

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3. Click on all sites then hit the search button and search for the preferred site.

4. On locating it, click on the site and finally, click on clear and reset.

How to Clear a Specific Site Cache on Chrome (Mobile)
How to Clear a Specific Site Cache on Chrome (Mobile)

Yeah, it’s that simple. 

I’ll be showing you how to do that with on Firefox and Chrome (PC) soon.


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