Android OS has a lot of cool features and no doubt everyone knows about Android and almost all utilize it. Currently Android OS is an Open Source project (I read google plan to make the next version of Android non-open source) and that is one of the pros of using an Android powered phone.

Technology is getting better and advanced day by day, there is Cloud Storage then nobody have to worry about loosing a file on internal storage as long as it is backed up on any cloud server.

After all this, everyone has issues with backing up SMS / MMS to cloud server, so far, what we can backup to our Google account are:

App Data





Google Fit Data

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Google+ Photos

Google+ Uploads

People Details

Account Options

Now, I will explain briefly how to backup your SMS / MMS to your Google Account.

– Enable IMAP Access to your Google Account

Before you start backing up your SMS / MMS to your Googlel account, you need to allow IMAP access to it. Sign in to your Gmail account from your computer and navigate to Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> “Enable IMAP”.

Save changes.

– Download and install SMS Backup+ from PlayStore

This app which allows you to back up SMS to Google account.

Launch the app and click on “Connect” to add your Gmail account to the app. A

pop-up window will show up to confirm which account you want your SMS backed up on.

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After Allowing the app to access your Google account, click on backup.

Now your messages should have been backed up successfully. This method can be used to transfer messages from one Android to another.

If you have any problem, feel free to ask me.

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