Why Helium is Preferred to Hydrogen in Filling Ballons

Helium is a colorless, odorless gas named after the Greek God Helios, the God of the sun. Helium was discovered when scientists noticed a handful of mysterious, unidentified lines in the emission spectrum of sunlight.

Helium is a very important element as well as hydrogen, balloons need a light gas in other for it not to explode and loose shape although hydrogen is light as well as helium.

Have you ever thought why helium is preferred to hydrogen in filling balloon? Well, this article will clear your thinking. When balloons

Well, this article will clear your thinking. When balloons filled with hydrogen are exposed to fire it goes cab00m (explodes). But science with helium usage has improved this, in the sense that helium can now be used for filling balloons.

Why Helium is Preferred to Hydrogen in Filling Ballons

So Here Is the Difference

Hydrogen is very reactive and FLAMMABLE. Helium, on the other hand, is so inert that you can inhale it and all it would do is to make you sound like a chipmunk for a minute or so.

But with hydrogen, you are just one touch away from disaster. A hydrogen balloon goes anywhere near the birthday candles and you end up looking like this.

Hydrogen is even used in weapons of mass destruction. You must have heard of the hydrogen bomb. It works on nuclear fission though and nothing that dangerous would happen with balloons but still hydrogen is dangerous and helium is not.

Helium is preferred to hydrogen because it is noncombustible (does not burn) but is also as light as hydrogen also. And this gives a better result because it makes the balloon stronger and noncombustible.

That’s why helium balloons are preferred over hydrogen ones.

Why don’t you try this out now, get the helium gas and start filling your hot air balloons with helium gas?


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