Google’s Chrome Shortcuts You Should Know

Hello there! I haven’t posted for while now but now I am going to show you some shortcuts that are very useful on the popular PC Browser Google’s Chrome.
Google's Chrome Shortcuts You Should Know
1. Switching Between TabsYou can jump one tab to the other without using your mouse, all you have to do is use Ctrl + Tab to move to the right and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move to the left.
2. Bookmark All Opened Tab(s)
Use Ctrl + Shift + D to bookmark all tabs. This is cool shortcut that helps to bookmark a group of tabs so that you can close them in order to minimize the number of tabs you have open. You can also give it a new name of your choice for identification. To bookmark your current Tab, use Ctrl + D.
3. Open an Incognito Window
If you’re an active member of this blog, you should know pretty much about Incognito browsing. You can check my previous posts for more explanation. To open Incognito window in Google Chrome, use Ctrl + Shift + N
4. View All Downloads
Use Ctrl + J to view all  the files you have downloaded with Google Chrome.
5. Navigate up and down
When you are viewing a page and not engaging your cursor in Google Chrome, hit the spacebar to page down on a page and Shift + spacebar to page up.
6. Clear Your Recent Browsing History 
Use Ctrl + Shift + Delete to clear your recent browsing data history.
7. Zoom your page
You can easily zoom in a page by using Ctrl + Shift + = and also to zoom out, use Ctrl + Shift + – . To restotre the zoom level back to default, use Ctrl + Shift + 0.
8. Stop a page from loading
By pressing the Escape key on your keyboard, you can stop a webpage from loading and also you can refresh a webpage using Ctrl + R.

9. Edit Web AddressInstead of using mouse to navigate to the URL address bar, you can easily do that using Ctrl + L.
10. Open a New Tab
To open a new tab, you just need to hit Ctrl + T.

Please note that some of the shortcuts above will work for other PC browsers but this article is strictly for Google’s Chrome users. Share it!

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