Google Cloud Free Storage

One of the most used free cloud storage on the internet provided by Google Company is the Google Cloud free Storage.
google cloud free storage
Yes, it is possible to store your files for free on Google servers without having to pay a dime. Who doesn’t know Google? Google is well known and trusted for their services ranging from Email to YouTube to Google Plus to Keep and so on.
Substantially, every Google Account automatically has a cap 15GB per month of free cloud storage which is synchronized with other Google services and device, but if you are going for more than the 15GB space, you will be charged.

What Happens When I Reach Google Cloud Free Storage Monthly Limit?

As stated earlier, Google Cloud Free Storage will work fine for you as long as you maintain the 15GB monthly cap but when there is a need to cross the monthly limit, then another interesting thing happens.
You will charge just $10 to provide a TeraByte of Cloud Storage and that means with $100 you can get up to 10 TeraByte or more.
This is cheap and healthy :), making it one of the cheapest cloud storage on the net. Remember, your files are always safe with Google.

G-Drive Login – Free Cloud Storage

To start using your free cloud storage, you must have an active Google account. After which you will head directly to Google Drive by clicking HERE.
Then, you can start utilizing your Google cloud free storage of 15 GB online, you can keep anything there e.g photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, etc and you can also share your files with specific people or with the public.
Then, you can access your files from anywhere in the world, using any device.

G-Drive Download

To make things easier, G-Drive has an app for mobile devices (iOS and Android Powered), Backup and Sync! for PC.
With the Google Drive app on your mobile device, you can achieve lots of things from your phone with just a click to either save, access or share files on the go without any need for authentication.


For Android, click HERE
For iOS: Click G-Drive – Google, Inc.


Click Here to Download Google Backup and Sync.
With this app installed on your PC, you can backup, synchronize and restore files between your PC and Google Drive.

Why Use Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Free Storage can:

  • Securely save your files and access them from anywhere with any device
  • You can easily share your files and folders with others
  • Advance searching for files using name and content
  • Easily access and view your content
  • Set permission levels for who can view, comment, or edit
  • See and easily access recent files
  • View file details and activity
  • Enable view offline for files
  • Scan in paper documents using your device camera
  • View, Edit, and share pictures and videos from Google Photos.


google free cloud storage

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