Google Allo Is Now Available In More Countries

Google Allo Is Now Available In More Countries
Allo, Google’s AI-powered messaging app which was launched on September 21, 2016 is now available in Nigeria. The app packs amazing features that stands it out from the others.
Some of these features includes Smart Reply, Google Assistant and Incognito mode. The app also have a gang load of photos, emojis and stickers to make chat more fun.
On the Google Play Store, the app is less than 10MB and is easy to setup – all you need is a phone number, a photo (you can add one later) and a name!
Once the app is fully set up, a series of messages will be received from Google Assistant, apparently announcing its presence and trying to help.
So, I had a quick conversation with it to see if all the hype were true.
The Assistant gave me options even when I said I was done
Sport News
Premier League
Well…it got it all wrong here!
A thumb down and it handled it nicely.
Top ten tech blog in Nigeria….
Some Chelsea FC news and Allo did great!
Not bad huh?
Head over to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to get the app and try it. Use the comment below to share what you think!

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