Now, probably Google assumes the name “Google Keyboard”  is lengthy and then decided to change the game by shortening the name to Gboard.  As a dedicated user of Android, I have always been utilizing Google Keyboard ever since I started using Android, if I’m not using Google Keyboard then I’m using SwiftKey Pro  mainly because of their simplicity and not looking too flashy and I’m sure there are still millions of people like me who prefer Google Keyboard and always stick to it even if they change their OS.
You won’t see any changes yet until you update your Google Keyboard.  The new name brought along these new features which includes but not limited to:

  • Ability to type in three languages at the same time. For example, like when you need to type French expressions in the middle of an English tweet or essay.
  • Option to enable a dedicated number row!
  • Option to enable a G button for search
  • GIF button is always visible
  • Emoji menu has been modified
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That’s not all, the new Gboard for iOS let you to make Google search right inside the keyboard with just a click and not having to go through your Browser. You can also search for Emojis right inside the Keyboard too, sounds cool? Yeah!

Gboard was first released to the iOS users about some months ago before finally releasing the Android version few weeks ago. All you have to do now is head to PlayStore and click the update button.

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