First Touch Soccer 2019, which is also known as FTS 19 is the latest upgraded version from the First Touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18) which includes more developed gameplay and improved graphics display.

Also, it only requires small space on your device for download unlike the bigger size FIFA or PES requires, which makes it easier for the guys that use a device that does not have enough download space.

First Touch Soccer 2019 FTS 19

First Touch Soccer is an iOS football game that was created and developed by the British studios X2 Games and it was officially released on May 6, 2011.

And Eight years on, they still provide us some amazing gameplay and great graphic designs and display which makes the game addictive among guys. Some of the previous Editions released by them was The First Touch Soccer 2014 and First Touch Soccer 2015.

British studios X2 Games is an award-winning independent studio whose main task is developing sports games with a massive digital display and download platform across the world.

Since their establishment in 2011, they have been able to get people to download their sports games with over 500 millions download of their games till date, they have got over one million people playing the 3D football game daily, everywhere, anywhere and different localities with different languages.

We can say First Touch Soccer has become their Language.

However, FTS has always tried to create the quality digital platform and the best graphics display as they aim at achieving the number one position of the best sports games ever developed!

Other games developed by this studio includes Dream League Soccer, Score! Hero, Score! Match, which shows how massive their contribution to the world of soccer games has been, and they would definitely be proud of that.


Developer – X2 Games
Supported Device – iOS, Android
Genre – Soccer
Released – May 6, 2011
Games Size – Less than 400MB

First Touch Soccer 2019 also FTS 19 has many more features that make it amazing, and some of these features are the updates of players transfer which reflects the new football club of some of the greatest and amazing players like:

Cristiano Ronaldo (New Club: Juventus), Jorginho (New Club: Chelsea), Aubameyang (New Club: Arsenal), Thibaut Courtois (New Club: Real Madrid) and many more!

Some of the features updated on FTS ’19 apart from the transfer of players to their respective clubs also include:

  1. New Stadium
  2. Better Tactical approach
  3. More licensed players and teams
  4. Improved Player performances.
  5. New manager mode to help develop players in training
  6. Quality graphics
  7. Improved design
  8. Updated National World Cup teams.
  9. Updated World Cup team’s Kits and Players.
  10. FTS ’19 Background Logo
  11. New soundtracks introduced.
  12. Cool and Amazing Visual Effect.

However, this games is also offline, you do not need to pay before you start playing and it does not require any data connection before you can start enjoying the amazing gameplay.


To have the game running on your device, here are some steps that guide you to downloading and installing First Touch Soccer 2019 on your device before you start enjoying the game.

First Touch Soccer 2019 FTS 19


Firstly, the requirements for the download of FTS 19 goes thus;

  1. Minimum Android 4.0 or later
  2. 1GB RAM device
  3. At least, 400MB ROM free space.
  4. The game size is just a little above 100MB for OBB file and the game data is less than 90MB.

After downloading both; you can now install the First Touch Soccer 2019 APK, but do not launch yet.

Before you get the game up and running, proceed to the file manager on your phone, copy the downloaded OBB file and paste in the folder “Android>Data” on your Android device.

You can now go ahead to launch the game from your phone and start playing.

If you want to change the Language, you proceed to setting of the game, and then Advanced Setting. Click on the language and swipe left or right until you see your preferred language, select your preferred language and proceed to play the game.

Download FTS

Click here to Download FTS 19 APK MOD OBB DATA



However, I will recommend First Touch Soccer as one of the best soccer game in the world of football Sport.

Although Dream League soccer tends to have many more fans and it’s probably the best soccer game, FIFA or PES can as well be considered the best, it still toggles between them (Consider the fact that I’ve not played every soccer game), your opinion might be another different soccer game. But with the knowledge I’ve acquired in the world of the soccer game, I can put it to you that those listed above are considered the best.

First Touch Game as well as one of the best and suitable for the guys with Android device.

Also, the First Touch needs some improvement in their features, like including an advanced match summary with more details after each match.

Like, the player with most tackles, interceptions, take-on, most passes, most distance covered et al. If some or all of these features are included, First Touch Soccer tends to be the very best among soccer games.
So, if you’re a lover of soccer games, download the First Touch Soccer 2019 and have a whole lot of fun!

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