3 Ways Fixed Header Content Can Improve Your Blog

Blogging is not always about writing, writing, writing and then sharing on social media. Every Blogger ought to try different things, different times seldom and see if they work out for them (not just doing the same thing same way and complaining about getting the same result).
A fixed header content can be referred to a content that is sticked to the upper part of a website and retains their positions even if the page is scrolled provided the browser has the ability to render it well. Below are the basic 3 ways a fixed header content can help improve your Blog:

Fixed Header Content

1. Ad Blocker Notifications

Last year, I shared an article on how to create notification to turn ad blocker off: CLICK HERE TO READ (based on Facebook CSS). You can do this easily too using the fixed header content, but the only disadvantage you’ll face is that users without ad blocker enabled will still see the sticky header.

2. Sell Ad Space

Have you ever thought of making extra cash apart from the one coming in through your Blog? Selling the fixed header content as Ad Space is great, yeah! Just in case you can’t seem to find any buyer, you can start serving your own ads.
1. Do not place your AdSense or similar ads code in this section unless it doesn’t goes against the network T&C’s.
2. I will advice you to only serve links / Text Ad in this section.
3. Depending on your site’s / Blog’s traffic, this section might be slightly expensive than others.

3. Use As Pinned Notification Board

A notice board is a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, to advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information. This section can be used perfectly to promote your Social Media Pages and related.


  • Returning users keep seeing the same thing if not updated by owner.
  • In some cases, the fixed content are not compatible with some browser.
  • On smaller screen devices, it might cover the website’s content.
  • Overlapping might occur when the content is larger.

How To Setup Fixed Header Content

METHOD 1: If your website uses CloudFlare, you can easily set this up using “Trumpet”. You can do this by navigating to Apps and then click on activate “Trumpet”. You’ll be promoted to input the text you want to display and boom, you’re ready.
– When a user click on the notifications, it disappears for 24 hours for that user’s IP.
– The background color might not be editable.
METHOD 2: Write a code to achieve the goal for you. But if you’ve issues creating it, you can try downloading and playing around this: https://brainslodge.com/brainslodge_fixed/
Any issues? Drop your comments.


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    1. Thanks for this tips twas awesome

    2. Aust Jacobite

      Tnx admin for this tutorial… Pls I once read elsewhere dat it is bad practice to input much/unnecessary scripts like adsense in the head section of a site, this is cus it reduces page load speed…
      Pls throw more light. Thanks

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