There is no doubt that every appliance used daily are prone to some problems either due to wrong management or unforeseen circumstances Just like every other gadget does have problems sometimes so does solar panel also have a fault.
Most of the problem experienced with solar panel are much easier to solve compared to other sources of energy but due to the lack of proper, basic skill/knowledge about handling and troubleshooting every issue, and hence everything tends to seem difficult to solve.
Solar Panel Fuse, How to Fix Solar Panel Fuse Blowing Problem

Before You Fix, Ask:

  • Did you read the manual thoroughly and make sure you haven’t done anything wrong regardless of when the issue occurred.
  • Was there a prior sign given before it finally turned into this?
  • Are my wiring properly and correctly placed?
  • Can I fix myself or I have to seek professional advice?
[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3] By now, you have given yourself a head start and can proceed in fixing your fuse blowing solar panel

Causes and Fix of Solar Panel Fuse Blowing

  • You have a Short Circuit
    This is mostly caused when the Open Circuit Voltage isn’t well proportional to the battery panel volt. E.g OPV of 22 Volts on 12 volts battery panel is okay, otherwise, there will be a short circuit which can be located using Ohmmeter. To find the short circuit with Ohmmeter you need to start with the plug by measuring between the center pin and shell where you will find the short circuit.
  • Unplug and Plug again
  • Polarity Verification using Digital Volt Meter

Do you know of any other alternative fix for fuse blowing? Share with us

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