For security or maybe personal reasons like privacy, most Android users decide to use the security option provided by the device which can commonly be PIN, Pattern, and Password.

But most times, there might be a second thought or you have to just remove the security option from your phone pending the time you will start using it again. Then, that is when you will notice this error.

Disabled by administrator encryption policy, encryption policy or credential storage.

Ever received Disabled by Administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage error in Android before? Every regular Android user must have at least once encountered some applications that require extra permissions when downloaded and installed through Google PlayStore. Some apps even request for permissions to write notifications screen, control brightness, etc.

Like I said earlier, this mostly comes up when trying to disable security on your device. Just in case you are getting the notification message similar to the one above then there is an app or some apps having Device administrator permission e.g Google Smart Lock.

Fixing this error is quite easy just by following the below steps and you should be able to bypass the error:

#1. Unlock your device, Click on ‘Settings’ then navigate ‘Security’

#2. Depending on your device brand, after completing the above step, find “Clear Credentials” and finally click ok to clear the credentials (you won’t lose any of your files).

#3. Navigate back to “Security Settings” then find “Device Administrators” and finally click on “Clear” (untick) all checked boxes.

#4. Go to Settings” then  “Screen Lock” and the options to disable security will be available again.

Please note the above four processes is not just enough for some device model, you have to Restart the device and try the process over again if after reboot the error is still there.

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