First Touch Soccer 2019 also called FTS 19 is now available for download even though it is not official but it is here to give a headstart.

As known that FTS game released on officially on May 4, 2011, by X2 Games and there has been a constant update since then not until 2015 but the FTS 19 version is available so quick because of the large support and community for the game.

FTS 19

First Touch Soccer 2019 (FTS 19)

First Touch Soccer 2019 without a single doubt is currently one of the best football games with awesome and exciting features on Android devices.

Recently, the game made its way up amongst gamers as one of the best soccer games with good graphics at a normal size.

FTS 19 is a non-official mod 2019 version of the game, perhaps there should not be any expectations or whatsoever for the official version of the game since the last update on the game released by X2 Games was in 2015 and every later version of this game are mod which the 2019 version is no exception.

Features of First Touch Soccer 2019 (FTS 19)

  • A Swift Gaming Environment: All thanks to the super dope FTS AI and the developers making the game looks realistic enough,  FTS 19 has a swift gaming environment which enables all control you make takes place almost immediately especially when dribbling, trying to shoot, etc.
  • Daily Match Challenge: In the 2017 and 2018 version of FTS, you can play games every day for fun and your earn bonuses playing.

    Also, this will let you effectively prepare your team for the awesome level of challenges of different levels. This is still so in First Touch Soccer 2019.

  • Advance Option: In FTS 19, there are more than enough options included in the game one of which is that you can make contracts of new players, control your team both when on and off the field, negotiate contracts and ability to fully customize your club’s stadium.
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Fast Gameplay
  • Camera type (Smaller Game Size)
  • Available Offline.

Install FTS 19

Certainly, you are still enjoying the previous versions of this game because of its features and size.

But wait, the 2019 version is here bigger and better.

It is an update of the FTS 18 which includes more Teams, Players, Leagues, Stadiums, Sounds, Skills, and so on.

Similar to the other previous versions of the game, the First Touch Soccer soccer 2019 graphics is very nice and sharp enough to even work well on Android Devices with low pixels and display quality and this means if you have been playing the previous version on your device, this version is worth trying and will work well on your device.


OS: Requires Android 4.0 or above
SIZE: Up to 500MB Free space on the device, the game file is approximately 270MB
RAM: Minimum of 1 GB RAM
Any ZIP extractor app.

Download and Install FTS 2019

  1. Download FTS 2019
    FTS 2019 APK MOD Here
    FTS 2019 DATA Here
    FTS 2019 OBB FILE Here
  2. After you might have successfully downloaded the  above files, proceed to decompress/unzip the file using any Archive opener or Advance File Manager e.g ES File Explorer
  3. Now, locate the com.firsttouchgames.fts19 in the data folder extracted in step 2 above and copy it to  Android/data folder
  4. Also, repeat step 3 again, locate com.firsttouchgames.fts19 in the obb folder extracted in step 2 to your Android/obb folder
  5. Now Install your APK and enjoy gaming :).

Fix FTS Language

This step is optional but in case you experience English not showing as default language (reported by few gamers), here is the fix:

fts 19

  • Start the game
  • After starting it, locate the icon represented with a Spanner (tool/settings) sign and then click on it, this will pop a modal box
  • Locate Game Settings option, it is the first option you will see after clicking the tool sign
  • Click Advanced Settings, navigate to Language, keep on swiping either left or right until you find English
  • Select English and that’s all. Enjoy your game!


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