Audio Streaming is an app which enables you to listen, download and share files for free and it is available for both Android and iOS platform.
Last year, I shared an article showing some of Best Music Player for Android and in the article, there are some major features enumerated which can’t be overlooked in any music player before regarding it as the best and here the popular audio streaming app satisfies the condition three:

One Click Download
Yes, this part is very important in every media player built in 2017 or later, every standard Music Player app ought to have a music search engine where users can easily perform mp3 download with one click instead of going online to download the song.
To lay more emphasis on this, remember these are just some features music players should have before you can personally regard them as best. Audio Streaming App

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear an audio streaming app?
Although, this Audio streaming app lets you easily stream and download music easily. But the fact is actually that it doesn’t host any of the files, it is more or less like a music search engine. Audio Streaming
The app is an mp3 search engine app which brings you music from different sources around the world and it is available for Android, iOS and can be used on PCs either by using BlueStacks or downloading Fildo lite (flite).
With this app, you can download and stream tons of songs and album, there is no limit.

Fildo for iOS

To use this audio streaming app on your iOS device, you need to navigate to the official page and then the iOS part using your iOS device otherwise you won’t be able to download it yet since it is still in Beta, then you’ll see how to install it on your device.

  • At first, you should click on the download link provided on the app site
  • A modal box will come up, all you have to do is tap on “Install”
  • After installation, when you try to launch the app, you will get the error: “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”
  • Now, go to “Settings” / “General” and locate… “Device Management”
  • The app should be there, click on it and then tap “Trush”
  • 🙂 The app is now installed on your iOS.

This is just a clue of how to install it, full details on how to install it is on Fildo official site.

Fildo for Android

Installing the application on Android is easier compared to iOS.
The most important thing you need to do here is to Enable Installation of apps from unknown sources and then you can finally head straight to the official site then the Android page and download the app then you can now install it.

Fildo Features

  • There is no subscription or hidden fee, you can download/stream music without limit
  • Easy and free to use
  • Can play songs in the background, and with this, you can use other apps while the audio streaming app runs in the background
  • High Quality
  • Advanced search and wide sources
  • Lyrics supported
  • Create a playlist and link it to your account.


You might be wondering that why should you download and use the app when it is not even in Play Store or App Store maybe it contains some malicious file or whatever.
No!, Fildo APK is not available on Play Store because apps that contain or feature user-generated content (which is what the app contains) must take additional precautions in order to provide a policy compliant app experience and since music sharing might violate rules, maybe that is a better reason for the app developers not to include it in Play Store and Fildo is not in App Store yet because it is still in BETA.
What do you think of this app? Share your experience below

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