Ever heard about Facebook Year in Review? If no, just as it sounds year in review is a personalized video that entails all of your meaning activities and moments on Facebook for a whole year and 2017 in this case.
In other words, it is a collection of all your special moments throughout the year and this may include photos, posts, and posts you are tagged in.
This is very similar to the month in Review we have all seen on Facebook before and if still haven’t, it is somehow similar to this Facebook birthday wishes video created for every Facebook user.
Facebook year in review was originally introduced last year and it went viral, so why will anyone just decide not to take part in this since you are part of the community and sharing your year in review creates a strong connection between Friends and make the Facebook community more friendly.
Also, the most important and great thing is you can edit the video before publishing, you can exclude some posts, photos, or tags from coming up from the video before share since that is what this Facebook year in review is all about.

View/Create Facebook Year in Review

You don’t have to be worried if your Facebook Year in Review video isn’t yet appearing at the top of your News Feed like the Month in Review, Birthday Wish, Facebook Friends Celebration, etc appears at the most accurate time.
Well, if your Year in Review isn’t showing on your New Feed yet, it is either because you’ve neglected it a couple of times or you haven’t participated in sharing any Review before OR most times, this is because the video is not fully ready yet, take for instance, today is 21st December, the year is still running and I can still have a viral post which will be included in the year in Review video and basically, all I have to do is wait until late December or early January then you get a Notification from Facebook.
Facebook Year in Review
But if you don’t want to wait until that time or wait for the notification, the video is ready. All you have to do is Click here Facebook – Year in Review and boom, you will find your video waiting for you. You can decide to watch first before publishing in on Facebook or edit it. How to edit it? Next Step

Edit Facebook Year in Review

  • Remember to watch the video first before publishing and take note of the exact section you will like to exclude from the review because you MAY find very unpleasing moments you don’t want to share
  • Left beside the Share button, you will find the edit button, click on it
  • Now you can start including and excluding posts, photos, and tags
  • Are you satisfied now? Now let’s share it.

Share Facebook Year in Review

  • Now I believe you like the video and have no second thoughts about sharing it now or not
  • Click the share button and select those you want to see it either Public or Friends, etc
  • Click Post.


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  • Super disappointed in my book. After spending over an hour carefully selecting my photos, Facebook not only changed them but also got the dates wrong!!! Cannot believe how sad I am.