Facebook Users Can Now Go Live on Audio Via Facebook Live Audio

Messenger app has been receiving some quite beautiful updates , one of which is ability to make group video call on Messenger. This feature currently enable up to 6 messenger users to communicate to each other simultaneously .

This time, Facebook has come with another cool feature: Live Audio. The announcement has been officially
made on Tuesday 20, December 2016. It allow users to stream audio live / go live using audio more or less like Facebook Radio.

Just like Facebook Live videos, users can use Facebook Live Audio with just a click on the Facebook App and immediately the recording starts, Facebook creates a post
using a Page cover image and notify your Followers. Then it is been published to news feeds so your followers can listen to the audio content as they browse through Facebook. 

Android users, audio will also play if a user leaves the Facebook
app to use another app or locks their phone.
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