Getting the Facebook Gameroom Download link and setting it up is easier than you think as it is very easy and free to download and use.
At just a glance, this popular Gameroom is a gaming platform designed and owned by Facebook.


facebook gameroom download
It is designed in such a way that every Facebook users will have tons of video games to play without any need to use Facebook Web or Facebook on Android but an exemption of the Facebook Lite before they can play their games.

This means that Facebook Gameroom download and set up on every user’s PC will let every user accesses a list of titles of games and then you can proceed to select the one that you want to play provided that Facebook Gameroom Download and installation has been done. 

Facebook Gameroom Download

First of all, before you can download the Facebook Gameroom on your PC or Desktop, you must make sure your device can handle such task without lagging behind (consider your RAM, Processor Speed, and some other things) if all this are satisfied, you need to sign in into your Facebook account on the web browser of your PC running on a minimum Windows 7 or later, otherwise, you will not be able to download.

After the above condition must have been met, all you have to do is go to the Facebook Gameroom Download Page, click on the Free Install and finally, sit back and wait for the application installer to download (this usually takes less than a minute but depending on your Network and PC).

Facebook Gameroom Download Installer for Windows
After the download is complete, launch the Installer app and then it will automatically start downloading required files,  dependencies, etc.
When this is complete, the game will automatically start, then you can enjoy your game.

Pros of Facebook Gameroom

  • Easily play all your games without getting distracted by messages and others
  • Different games categories to choose from: action, strategy, buildering, etc
  • Play and watch games
  • It is free
  • Share, Compete and invite friends.

Facebook Gameroom Download Installer for Windows

Fix Facebook Gameroom Blank Screen

If you are experiencing either Facebook Gameroom Black Screen or Facebook Gameroom Blank Screen or white screen after downloading, here is a simple way to fix the error especially on Windows 10.

All you have to do is close the app and restart it, this will solve the issue on more than 60% of devices but if that doesn’t fix yours yet, launch the Task Manager app on your Windows and then stop Facebook Gameroom app and any of its processes then restart the app.

If this doesn’t work too, please uninstall the app and restart your PC and re-download or reinstall as the case may be.

If after this you still experience the same or similar error, please drop it using the comment section so I can find a possible solution for it or better still, you should use the official Gameroom Page to report and resolve all your problems.


Facebook Gameroom is a great platform and allows developers to submit their games and as well monetize it. So if you’re a developer, you should consider submitting your Game for Facebook, and these games are monetizable.
Facebook Gameroom Download Installer for Windows
Facebook Gameroom requires an internet connection before you can use it, so make sure you have strong and reliable internet service so you can enjoy your game.

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