What is jQuery?
jQuery is a lightweight, “compose less, accomplish more”, JavaScript library.
The reason for jQuery is to make it much less demanding to utilize JavaScript on your site.
takes a great deal of basic undertakings that require numerous lines of
JavaScript code to finish, and wraps them into strategies that you can
call with a solitary line of code.
jQuery is a quick, little, and highlight rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML record traversal and control, occasion taking care of, liveliness, and Ajax much more straightforward with a simple to-use API that works over a large number of programs. With a mix of adaptability and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that a large number of individuals compose JavaScript.
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The reason for jQuery is to make it much simpler to utilize JavaScript on your site. 

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Before you begin concentrating on jQuery, you ought to have a fundamental learning of:
A Smarter Way to Learn jQuery: Learn it faster. Remember it longer. (Volume 3)


jQuery likewise improves a great deal of the entangled things from JavaScript, similar to AJAX calls and DOM control.
The jQuery library contains the accompanying components:

HTML/DOM control
CSS control
HTML occasion techniques
Impacts and activitys

Tip: furthermore, jQuery has modules for any assignment out there.

Why jQuery?

There are heaps of other JavaScript systems out there, however jQuery is by all accounts the most famous, furthermore the most extendable.
Large portions of the greatest organizations on the Web use jQuery:


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