Last year, I wrote some quite numbers of article on how to save data on Mobile phones and Android with just some steps. Today, I will be giving you hot trick to save data on Desktops / PC browsers just by viewing the cached version of the website. Please note that this trick might not be effective if you’re trying to visit a particular page which isn’t listed on Google.

1.0 What’s Cache?

Cache is a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place. In other words, Cache means to store away in hiding or for future use. Easily, if you have understand the concept of cache, then you’ll understand that it has the website stored already in a server which means you don’t have to worry about the load time, CSS, JavaScripts and others of the page because it’s already stored on Google server by

2.0 How To Easily Save Data?

In this step, I’ll be using Brainslodge as an example with “Easily Save Data” as the search query on Google. Follow the below steps:

  • Open your browser and navigate to Google search page home page.
  • Insert your queries into the comment box (for better result, make sure you include the site name after the queries).

easily save data, How To Easily Save Data on Web Browsers

  • Take a closer look at the above picture, can you see an icon (like an arrow pointing downwards)? If yes, click on it and then you’ll see an option for Cached, click on it then sit back and watch as the website loads in seconds.
  • To reduce the load time further, use the text only version.

3.0 Want To Reduce Even More Data?

  1. Use AdBlockers.
  2. Disable Auto-updates and synchronization.
  3. Change your user agents to Mobile.
  4. Access the sites mobile page if available e.g,, etc.
  5. Use only supported browsers and always check if your backgroup apps are not taking much of your data.

Thanks for stopping by today, please note that each of the listed method in 2.0 is available on this blog, please use the search button to find them, read them and share them.

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