With Zen Browser, you can earn free recharge just for browsing.

How to Earn Free Recharge Browsing

It is EASY & SIMPLE to get free recharge with Zen Browsing:

• Register with your phone number
• Browse normally on your favorite websites.
• Zen automatically sends free recharge to your phone!

 Why choose Zen Browser?

Get free recharge: Browse your favorite websites and Zen automatically sends free recharge to your mobile phone.

Unlimited recharges: Use Zen to get unlimited recharge. The more you browse in Zen, the more free recharge you get!

Net neutral: Browse ANY website on the internet and get free recharge.

Facebook View: Zen is the best browser for Facebook. Get free recharge for using Facebook. Looks just like the app!

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Small size: Zen Browser app size is small and lightweight – less than 5MB.

Great Features in Zen Browser

Downloads: Download files and immediately find every file you’ve downloaded.

Instant Search Results: Revisit previously browsed or most visited sites that instantly reappear in the search results as you type.

Favorites Shortcuts: Quickly access your favorite sites, social networks, news, and shopping with one tap!

Videos: View your favorite videos with full-screen.

Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite websites for later access and fast browsing.

AdBlock: Zen will block out most ads on popular sites. It will speed up your browsing and save data.

History: Easily access all previously visited websites. Remove individual websites or clear all.

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Language Support: Zen Browser supports both English and हिन्दी

Please note that the browser is lite and hence some pages do not load well as expected and moreover, you’ll come across a lot of ads (no ads on the website you visits but ads in Zen Browser) that’s one of the ways Zen developers earn also.

Download ZenBroser 

Do you know any other app that can get one free recharge or money easily? Use our comment box.


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