Download WhatsApp Status 2018: How To

Sometimes or even most times, there is a need for us to Download WhatsApp Status without disturbing our friends to share with us. I mean why on earth will anyone even keeps sharing for a long period of time considering the fact that their data were consumed for uploading and later sharing with you.
It will be definitely perfect if you can just download it from your end just to save your friend’s time, stress and data.
In case you are not familiar with what WhatsApp status is, it was introduced into WhatsApp on the 20th of February 2017 which is an easily dismissable, privacy enabled and auto-destruct after 24 hours of updating it.
download whatsapp status
You can keep tracks of those who viewed your status but have it in mind that the very first important thing is both sides having each other’s contact on their phone, otherwise you can’t see this status. It was rumored to be a feature stolen from SnapChat, well that’s not really the issue.

How to Download WhatsApp Status

Method I

This quite the easiest step and most common steps among Android users using an App called Status Downloader for WhatsApp which currently has over a million downloads. The 1.9MB app is powerful than its size looks when giving you its feature which is mainly to download WhatsApp status.
All you have to do is download and install the application from the Google Play Store, launch it in the first instance.
You can now minimize it and head to your WhatsApp Messanger app and view enough status as you like.
So now, back to the application, you can easily view (including watching of videos) and choose which of the status you wish to save to your device. Yes, it is that easy 🙂

Method II

This method is not really friendly and might be tough especially if you have no patience because there is no application to auto list them but rather you will be using the folder where viewed status are stored since they are not stored on the WhatsApp server but instead on your device.
First of all, go to your File Manager settings and Allow to Show Hidden Files if this option isn’t available, I will suggest you download any advance file manager (e.g ES File Explorer).
Now, view your friend’s status (make sure it displayed correctly), after doing this, minimize your app and head straight to your WhatsApp folder (WhatsApp > Media > .statuses), if you do not enable show hidden file, you won’t be able to see this folder.
Now, find the viewed status and then Copy the file to another location on your Storage (it is not recommended you move it because the status won’t display correctly any longer after you move it).
Boom, you are done. You just saved your friends statuses without disturbing them.

Method III

I must say that this method is not recommended or professional enough but it is very easy especially if you want more features on your WhatsApp account especially to download WhatsApp videos.
This method is simply using any of the trusted available moded version of WhatsApp available.
In my own case, for more than a year now, I have been using GBWhatsApp (one click status download option available) and there are even more than three of such moded version of WhatsApp out there with this feature.
Although, it is not recommended like I said earlier but if you want to still give it a try, I’d recommend GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp.
Good luck.
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Download WhatsApp Status 2018
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Download WhatsApp Status 2018
So now, back to the application, you can easily view (including watching of videos) and choose which of the status you wish to save to your device. Yes, it is that easy :)
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