KK AppLock - Safest App Lock
AppLock Features
  • You can lock any app with pin lock or pattern lock, secure your privacy 
  • Many Re-lock policy to fit your need (lock “Every time”, lock “Until screen off”, lock “After 1/3/5 minutes”) 
  • Multi lock: you can add multi locker, with different password 
  • Auto lock/unlock app base on Time or WiFi (auto tasker) 
  • Fake Error Message when opening the locked apps 
  • Random keyboard for applock password input UI 
  • You can quick lock and unlock from widget or status bar 
  • You can lock incoming or outgoing calls 
  • You can lock entire screen 
  • You can lock and prevent app from being uninstall 
  • KK AppLock can be add to device admin, prevent from being uninstall 
  • KK AppLock can auto restart when being killed by task killers, reliable to protect your privacy 
  • KK Applock icon can be hidden from launcher 
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 
  • AppLock, AppLocker, App Lock, App Locker, 
  • Gallery Lock, photo lock, Whatsapp locker, video lock
  • Enable Notification may prevent KK App lock from being killed by system or task manager 
  • Enable “Add to device admin” may prevent KK Applock from being uninstalled. 
  • More tips please refer to KK App lock Setting – About – Help 

Credit of the apps goes to the developers that cracked it!

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