Lucky Patcher is an Android application that you can use to remove / block advertisements on other apps. You can also use it to work around the purchase of the app and get the data. The app works best on roaming phones. However, you can continue to use it on a non-standard phone, but the features of the application you can use will be limited. If you want to charge your Android device for all the features, you can do it using KingRoot, step by step from the Android root. Key features of Luckypatcher

The app includes:

Get a full version of the app with special features.

Block / delete Google Adds in free apps.

Remove the license certificates from the paid apps.

Get free purchases in apps and games such as coins, jewelry, gold, etc.

Another addition to the basic features of Lucky Patcher, you can perform other tasks, such as backing up applications to external storage.

Luckypatcher app APK

Luckypatcher app APK

First name Lucky Patcher
Current version LATEST v.
Price Free
Size 6.47 MB
Category Tools
downloads 530 million +
Rating 4.8 / 5
Requirements Android 2.3 +

You should know it:


So you are fully responsible for using this application.


Latest Lucky Patcher APK For Android

Lucky Patcher is an application that will allow us to really control the permissions assigned to applications installed on our Android device. We can remove offensive ads, change permissions, back up other apps, and more. Of course, we need a “rooted” device to take advantage of all these advantages.

When you run Lucky Patcher, a complete list of all the applications we’ve installed is displayed. Just click on one of them to show a number of features: view application information, uninstall, remove additional information, and of course access special tools.

In these special tools, we’ll find very interesting features that will enable us to disable advertising and launch the app while we are not in normal circumstances. We can even create an edited APK file for our benefit.

Lucky Patcher will allow us to download control over the applications installed on the Android terminal. Like almost every application that gives users greater control, it is necessary to have a “root” terminal to access all features.

Main Features of Lucky Patcher or Luki Patches APP:

This application of a piece of luck has many fantastic features. which are described below:

Lucky Patcher apk is an all-in-one app that can block annoying ads from Android apps and free games.
Lucky Patcher can remove control of purchases for many Android apps and games.
Patch fonts can hack many popular Android games. Unlock many game features.
You can back up your apps and your built-in games.
Lucky Patcher will also easily remove unwanted permissions on applications.
Make a backup of all Android apps and games on the SD card.
Some features do not require root access.
Lucky Patcher shows different accents to understand the state of the application.
Lucky Patcher scans all startup applications and displays compatible apps.
Custom patch options are available.
Do you want to download the latest version of Happy Patchcher APK for free?

As we saw above, Lucky Patcher is a very powerful application. But the problem we are trying to download in the application is that many sites do not offer us a reliable download link. That’s why we always try to download the application from the official website to make sure it does not contain malware or anything like that. Many sites offer the download of Lucky Patcher but they are fake links to download or not. But certainly there is no reason to worry because we are here to solve this problem and offer a 100% safe place to solve it.

Do you want to download the latest version of lucky patcher apk for free?

As you have seen above, Lucky Patcher is a very powerful application. But the issues we can have is trying to download the app, is that many sites do not offer us a reliable download link. That’s why we always try to download the app from the official site to make sure it contains no malicious software or something. Many websites offer download Lucky Patcher, but are fake links to download or not. But there is no problem to worry about because we are here to solve this problem and offer a 100% safe place.

Download Real Lucky Patcher APK for Android

You probably watched this app in the Google Play Store, but you did not find it. Indeed, Lucky Patcher violates Google’s billing system, which allows you to download, install, and use paid apps free of charge. So you downloading to Google Play Store is not an option. To download an application to your phone, you must download the application and the sticker to your phone.

To do this you need to download Apk Lucky Patcher from the official website. The file will be in zip format, so you will need to open the shell file to get the apk file inside. Once you do so, you can now access the phone settings menu and look for and enable the “Allow application installation from unknown sources” option. Now, go back to your file manager and find the Lucky Patcher file you downloaded and then click on it to start the installation process. After the installation is complete, you can now use the application.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk v7.3.8

Download Lucky Patcher Apk v7.3.8

Download Lucky Patcher free 2018/2019

As we are a reliable link to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher, we will give you the opportunity to download it for free. It is common for other types of web pages to use deceptive advertisements in which you must enter your downloaded phone number. But we show the different from our competition in that we are 100% transparent in that sense. Every of our download links are totally reliable and totally free.


You may notice that the Lucky Patcher application may not work with all applications, but with many applications. After each update is available, it can support multiple applications. Therefore, you can now utilize this app, but be patient as this update may change.

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