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Background Change Pro is the most advanced Photo Background changer that can be used for Professional work.

Background Change Pro has following Main features:
1. Cut Photo with Magnifying glass: Cut the Photo guided by magnifying glass along the path you want.
2. Advanced Refine Cut: Refine the Cut to remove Photo edges using the Advanced refine cut.
3. Background changer: Chose a background from local photos or our collection of Nature Photos (including Nature Photos, Waterfall Backgrounds, Forest Backgrounds and more).

Create most advanced background changed photos that look realistic.

  Background Change Pro- screenshot thumbnail     Background Change Pro- screenshot thumbnail
Get Background Changer App For Android APK. Background Changer enables you to change photo background, you can remove or erase any portion of the background. This professional background eraser supports good collection of background themes, multiple tools to erase photo background and also photo effects. This background eraser supports two erase modes, manual and auto erasing. In manual mode you have to use finger to erase a portion of the image, this background eraser also supports undo and reset option. In auto erasing mode this background eraser works like a magic tool, using this tool you can automatically erase similar color pixels.

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