Technology is evolving day by day and for each new day, there is a new concept making the older ones deprecated or less regarded. Creating a logo in the past few years can only be done by Professionals that can handle specials applications for it e.g the Popular Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word (WordArt and co), etc but now welcome DesignEvo.
Although most of the special software for creating a logo can’t be overlooked, but the Technology in this era has gone too way too advanced more than just sitting down and learning PS just to create one logo. Annoying isn’t?
Talking about a successful branding, this relies on a lot of things, one of which is the Logo. The Logo has a long way to go in a promotion, a less quality and rough logo will attract fewer clients.
Today, I will be reviewing a free web-based professional logo creator which has the ability to create beautiful logos.


This Free Logo Maker is a simple but advanced web-based logo creator with little support on iOS devices which provides more than 3000 inbuilt predefined logo templates, more than 100 of amazing fonts alongside with powerful editing tools that don’t require any special design skills before anyone can create a stunning and perfect stunning logo with them.
That is not all, this logo maker is really fun and easy to use, there are also tons of premium fonts, colors (Gradient and Fill), a large database of icons, background colors, drag and drop builders and so on which you can choose from.
Creating a logo with this tool is very fast as you can select from any of the already existing templates or just start from scratch and then proceed to add lines, shapes, charts, logo, text, etc and make it looks even more professional with the layer editing tool which you can use to bring text, icon, frames, etc to both front and back.

Spending approximately 30 minutes with this wonderful tool for the first time, I was able to create the above business card I call it despite the fact that my graphics design is very bad. 🙂  It doesn’t look professional enough because I spent less time designing it.
Now let’s get to it.
Step 1
Create an account by heading straight to their official website – Click Here
If you’re using Mac OS, you can download the application optionally from the Mac App Store – Click Here
Complete the registration step by verifying your email if you signed up using email.
Step 2
Completing step 1 successfully will require you to sign in, after signing in, click on Make a Logo. Here, you can select one out of the over three thousand predefined templates and customize it to your taste.
Better still, you can use the search feature to find the best template that fits what you want to use it for. For example, I am interested in creating a Cake Baking business logo for my sister, then I can just use the search option to search for Cake and select any of the predefined templates.
You can decide to use the Start from Scratch Option which will take you to a blank design page then you can start designing yourself.
Step 3
Start Customizing your design using the available features e.g background, curve, etc.
Step 4
Use the Preview option to see what your logo looks like then you can proceed to download.
Step 5
On click download, you will be required to select one of the three plans offered by this site, click here to find out more.
After download, unzip the file and extract your logo and you’re done. Yeah, it is easy.


  • More than 3000 customizable logo templates for various categories
  • 100 fonts, beautiful text styles, built-in shapes, and lines.
  • Import icons and images locally
  • Can adjust opacity, flip & mirror effect for the selected element
  • Edit font color, size, style, alignment, spacing, uppercase or set curved text
  • Add an outline or glow text effect
  • Freely move, resize and rotate elements
  • Set transparent background or fill with solid and gradient color
  • Change canvas size and scale as needed
  • Automatically generate different layouts
  • Undo/redo every step of your logo editing easily even with Keyboard shortcuts
  • Easily align multiple elements on your canvas
  • Manage layers with mouse clicks
  • Copy/paste or delete any element at will
  • When downloaded, the logo JPG, transparent PNG file, and PNG format are included
  • The website works perfectly even in poor network conditions and saves the design in real time (Paid)
  • Icon, Template search feature
  • Can easily resize any element
  • Gradients color
  • Colors and Fonts are categorized for easy use
  • Doesn’t require special skills
  • Vector Folder is included.


  1. Most of the features are only available in development in the Free Plan, they are not included after downloading.
  2. Well, I must say providing low-resolution PNG files in the Free Plan isn’t too great.
  3. Currently, there is no Android App or a Window software for this tool.
  4. Only line colors can be applied to icons, and frames, the fill color would have makes it look better.


This is a logo-maker tool which is recommended for everyone since it doesn’t require any special skill to operate. Just navigate to the site and start using.
Also, it is okay trying the tool with the free version so you can be sure of what you are about purchasing after you’re satisfied, you can proceed to pay the one-time fee which you will enjoy for a lifetime, it is really promising.