The Dawn of Titans Mod APK is one of its kind on Mobile, you’ve never seen something similar to it before on your mobile before when it comes to graphics.
dawn of titans mod apk
Be the King as you Control the COLOSSAL TITANS alongside with THOUSANDS OF GREAT WARRIORS in STUNNING and PERFECT 3D wars experience.

Dawn of Titans Mod APK

Begin your great adventure in this game capturing every land which belongs to anyone who is a threat to you, become even stronger by training and building your very own army.
dawn of titans mod apk
Remember, your main objective in this game is to defeat everyone is a threat to you, take your army to fight and win because, in the Dawn of Titans, it is known that you can either Go Big or Go Home. Which of them do you prefer? All left to you.
But that’s not all, you can also explore more by playing together for free the most massive action-strategy fully packed game on mobile.


Stunning 3D Graphics: The game is packed with a  Console-Quality 3D Graphics which make the game looks real and appealing, you just have to build your kingdom and fight your enemies in the virtual fantasy world.
dawn of titans mod apk
Take Charge with Massive Titans: In this game, you can easily equip colossal warriors with some of the provided powerful gear in the game to turn them into your army. You then lead them into the battle with the epic PvP.
Total Control: You as the lead army and the player has the control to go to war with more than thousands of troops and they are all under your direct control which means you control them in real time.
Interesting and Non-Ending Story-line: There is more to do with the Dawn of Titans MOD APK as it has a thrilling long and non-ending quests, campaigns and events. It is now left to you to check back daily for quests, unique campaigns, and alliance events.
dawn of titans mod apk
Multiplayer: Can’t take them all alone? Need to have even more fun? Then you are covered as you can easily unite with friends in real-time MMO chat to strategize and dominate the enemy kingdoms.
Build Your Ultimate Kingdom: Remember the main goal of the Dawn of Titans Mod APK, Clash against the many enemies as far as you can to capture their lands and rise up the world ranks.


To download the game, there are two versions of the game provided below, the MOD version and the original version.
Download Mod APK - 41MB and here is the MOD OBB FILE with unlimited Money
Download MOD OBB FILE - 810MB For APK only 
Download Mod APK - 42MB and here is the OBB FILE
Download OBB FILE - 809MB Alternatively, you can also download from the Google Play Store but please note that you cannot use the PlayStore version without internet connection since it requires data.
PlayStore - 43MB

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