DataFileHost is an online platform accessible from anywhere all over the world which is used to upload and share the uploaded files with your friends easily without any limitation and annoying ads.

It is a free file hosting website which allows users to upload files and share the uploaded files with a hassle-free experience.

Sharing file anonymously with this site is even easier as you can upload your files without creating an account and then share the link with the targeted audience, you can also delete the files you uploaded without an account within a speculated time.

This site lets you share files anonymously without having to create an account before you can either delete, upload, or download files.

Also, you don’t have to worry about download link or annoying advertisements or even solving CAPTCHA before the download process begins.


DataFileHost - Best Free File Hosting Site


Over the years, this platform is well known and regarded very well especially amongst Bloggers because it is very easy to use, there is no downtime, and most importantly, no restriction with the number of downloads.

With DataFileHost you can one-click share your link to friends and family and your file remains on the server for a total of 30days after the last download.

This free file hosting is one of the oldest and popular of its kind most especially amongst bloggers and people who need to share files instantly and on the go.

It is very easy to use with absolutely no downtime or any download limits.

How to Upload on DataFileHost

The process of uploading to DataFileHost for free is easy and self-explainable but in a situation where you are new to how such sites work, here is a catch.

Uploading to this site is similar to other free file hosting sites but in case you’re new to using such sites, here is a headstart:

Step 1: Visit the site on your preferred network, you can click here

Step 2: It is not mandatory but it is required to create an account so you can seamlessly manage your uploaded files anytime you need to.

Create an account and verify your email.

However, it is not mandatory but it is necessary to create an account on the website so you can check your links anytime.

In a situation where you don’t have an account and you upload a file, when you misplace the link to delete it, that is all.

Step 3: After complete registration or skipping step 2, you will see something similar to that of below, all you have to do is click on “Choose File” and select the file you wish to upload to the server.

If you’re uploading multiple files, you can save yourself some time and links by easily compressing those files together to get a zip, 7z, rar, etc file.

Step 4: Click on  Upload and wait while the file uploads, if you’re using browsers like Chrome, you can easily monitor the upload progress.

Step 5: Boom! Your file is now online if it was uploaded successfully. And now, you will be provided with two links – The Share Link and The Delete Link.

Share the link with your friends and if there is a need to, you can delete the file using your link :). 


  • Here, you can upload all types of files. All file extensions/types are supported
  • You can upload up to a file of 500MB but not more than that per single file
  • There is no limit to the number of File Uploads and Downloads
  • There is no download or upload speed limiter
  • Your files will remain hosted with the same link forever provided that they are still very active i.e receiving downloads regularly but files are marked as inactive and deleted from the server 35 after their last download.
  • without stress upload all types of files. All file extensions and types are supported.
    In case you have plenty of files to upload, you can compress them all and upload.
  • start a process of uploading a single file of not more than 500MB, that is the upload limit.
  • enjoy downloading and uploading of files without any restriction
  • full speed download as there is no speed limit cap
  • enjoy for free more than 30 days of file inactivity while your file remains on the server before which they are deleted.
    But if your file is active and attracting downloads daily, your file will definitely be on the server.
  • share files anonymously.


  • There is no upload progress monitor compared to some other free file Hosting Platform available
  • No form of a scan before the file link is provided. Use each download link at your own risk
  • File Hotlinking is not available which means Stop/Resume file when downloading in most cases will not work and also you will need to click the download button now over and over again to get the download link
  • The statistics aren’t very accurate as it can be easily tricked
  • This site is not like a sort of cloud since there are fewer features you can enjoy with the site
  • Unlike most modern free file hosting site, there is no upload progress to check how far your upload is doing except if you are using some modern browsers with the feature inbuilt.
  • Since all types and format of files are accepted, there is no file scan for threats or viruses before providing the link.
    This means, only downloaders are at their own risk if they didn’t verify it before using.
  • No direct download link which basically means you can’t Stop/Resume file when downloading.
    Even if you were able to do that, the file download link will automatically expire within a given time range.
  • Download stats provided aren’t real as bots hits are also counted.
  • You can’t use it as cloud storage, basically what you can do is upload file and download instantly.
  • You can’t synchronize your files with others since it is just a file-sharing platform.

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