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It’s common knowledge that PDF is the most prevailing document format used in both, professional and private correspondence. But have you ever wonder why is that, what makes this kind of documents so special? Of course, it looks very clear and businesslike, but there is more. Aside from its clean and serious appearance, PDF file format also offers many functionalities. The main one is a possibility to include different graphical elements apart from the traditional text and seal it so that its content looks identically on every operating system.

You are probably familiar with various tools and apps that help you manage your PDF documents on a computer or a mobile device. You know where to address if you want to convert your document into another file format, to edit or to annotate it. However, today’s market is very dynamic and every day new and better instruments are invented in order to improve document management. That’s why we’ll show you the latest helpful app that will make PDF sharing a breeze.


Compress PDF app, as the name says, reduces the size of PDF documents on your iOS and Android devices. This is pretty convenient when you need to immediately share large files via emails, such as resumes, presentations, inventories, and others. Also, it will be a real time-saver when you need to save or upload big files. In practice, Compress PDF will give you a hand with heavy documents and make them light and easy to reuse.

Besides, let’s see other features of this PDF tool:

  • Completely free compression services
  • Quality of the original document is preserved
  • It’s possible to shrink documents from Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive
  • Simple and easy to use interface adapted for each user type

Speaking of user-friendly interface, let’s see how to actually compress PDF on a smartphone or tablet:


First, download Compress PDF from the Google Play or App Store.

Then, choose a document which size you’d like to reduce. It can be a file from your mobile device or from cloud services

The compression takes place on the servers, so this app won’t discharge your battery. After the operation is finished, the result is returned to the app and the file is eliminated right away from the servers

And that’s all philosophy! Now you have one more tool to add to your list and to manage PDF documents with ease.

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