Cometdocs Launches a PDF conversion app

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A new PDF conversion app from Cometdocs
Since the introduction of the PDF format back in 1992, people have been digging through the internet in search for the perfect tool to handle PDFs. Such files are not easy to work because they were primarily created to serve for saving content, protecting your files from unwanted attention, and more. Since then, thousands and if not millions of programs, apps and tools have been created in order to make this format a bit more user friendly. One company that has made significant strides towards riddling the PDFs is Cometdocs. So far they have made over 20 apps that handle PDFs and other convertible files in order to make this ghastly format a more user friendly thing. 
Recently, Cometdocs introduced their most impressive and by far the most amazing app in their array. Introducing PDF Converter Ultimate, an industry leading OCR conversion app!
New features:
So far Cometdocs apps were mostly single format conversion apps that were pretty one sided and narrow minded. However, with this release, they have made a significant step forward. 
Here is a short list with some of the apps most significant features:
● All conversions are done on a fast server, which means that almost any PDF is converted in a matter of seconds.
● You can import files from Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box clouds, without having to pay for those services.
● Our users have the option of purchasing several different conversion types (to Word, Excel, AutoCad, JPG, PowerPoint) while converting to Text (.txt) files is free.
● All files are deleted from our servers for user safety 24h after the conversion is done as we care deeply for our users privacy.
● The app gets updated and patched every few weeks.
● Easy to use and very user friendly interface that allows its users to move quickly through the app
So far, Cometdocs used to offer integrated cloud services and instant conversion as their premium features. These were their 2 major in app purchases, however they decided to do something else with this app. Both integrated cloud services and instant conversions are now free features. The free version of the app converts files only to Text format (.txt) however, there are several in app purchases you can get. Depending on your needs, you can purchase formats to convert to (e.g PDF to Word only) or perhaps go for the whole thing and get all 5 purchases and complete the app.

The interface

A new PDF conversion app from Cometdocs
As you can see from the image above, the interface is very clean and easy to work with. Simply by tapping on the desired cloud service, the app will allow you to connect with your profile and thus enable the app access to your cloud. The app will organize all PDFs you have on the selected service, with the newest being on top and the old ones at the bottom. Clicking on one of the PDFs will automatically open it in a preview box in order for you to be certain that’s the PDF you want converted. 
Tap on Convert To, and a new box will show up asking you to which format you wish to convert, before send it to the Cometdocs servers for conversion. As this app requires internet connection we recommend you have access to the internet at all times while converting your files.
Cometdocs Launches a PDF conversion app
As you can see from the image above there are 6 formats you can convert your files to: Text (.txt), Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt), Image (.jpg) and AutoCAD and even .zip files!
Once you select the format, you will be returned to the main screen where you file will appear on the top of the list. You can see all active and finished conversions below the integrated cloud services section.

Cometdocs Launches a PDF conversion app

Edit your converted files

PDF Converter Ultimate doesn’t have an integrated editing feature, which would be very convenient to have since it would be complementary to its already impressive conversion abilities. However, this app is very well optimized since all the output files are made so that they can be opened and reused in a number of other apps. We recommend taking a closer look at PDF Converter Ultimate and playing around with its features.
Where to look for PDF Converter Ultimate
PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both major platforms. If you are an iOS fan you can find it on iTunes, and it can also be found on Google Play Store, so head out to your nearest app store and make sure to let us know how you feel and what you liked regarding PDF Converter Ultimate.
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