Remotely Control Device using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop: Mirroring and controlling a device remotely using another device e.g Phone to Laptop is much more complicated especially when using software like VNC Viewer which is used mostly in organizations, by web developers because it requires some extra setup. But over the years, there are applications that make mirroring and controlling device remote easier e.g TeamViewer which can be used multi purposely.
One of the common methods of setting up remote connections easily is explained below using chrome.
How to create a Remote connection on Android using Chrome Remote Desktop Connection:
1. Download Chrome Remote Desktop on the device you want to mirror to and to the one you want to mirror from. In my case, I’m using my Android phone and PC to show the example.


2. After download, make sure your Google account is logged in on both devices.
3. Go to the device you want to make host (the one you want to mirror from) and download Remote Desktop Host. Click on create connection will guide you better by providing a link to download if you have a problem getting it.
4. Now you need to set a PIN for the host so no one can join anyhow. Google criteria for this requires 6 Digits PIN which.
5. Launch Remote Connection app on the device you want to mirror on and click on connect. A dialog requesting for the PIN will pop, provide PIN in step 4. Optionally, you checkbox remember the PIN for this device if you want to.

6. You’re done


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