Doing your business on the go is one of the priorities of any business owner be it a large or small business and moreover, the world has gone digital for example eCommerce replaced local shopping and definitely, business running both online and offline has a better success rate than those running just offline.
A businessman giving out his Business card just offline in 2018 doesn’t just seem pretty cool anymore, I mean, I can just forward my Business card to your email and boom, you check whenever you want since its almost indestructible in your mail unless deleted.
There are many apps that can let you achieve this, in fact, using your phone camera to snap your business card isn’t bad either but not just professional.


CamCard App is a professional Business card app available on Android and iOS to scan, create, capture, exchange all your business contact information and the information are synchronized, meaning that they can be remotely accessed quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone.
CamCard works smartly by recognizing and saving the contact information from a business card’s photo. This app currently has over 10 Million installations with an average of 4.4 stars rating.


  • You don’t have to go everywhere with your paper made business card again, with CamCard, you can easily and securely exchange your electronic business cards when meeting new people at anywhere Go paperless now.
  • Easily scan and save your business cards
  • Exchange e-cards with people nearby made easy without leaving your comfort zone
  • Ability to add notes & reminders to contacts
  • With CamCard, you can get contact updates
  • The building of your profile, more or less like a CV
  • Nice UI with advanced search feature contacts
  • Can start a conversation
  • You can include your address and navigate to a contact address in Map
  • Your created business cards are stored in the cloud and synchronized across smartphones, tablets and the web app in real-time and are always ready for accessibility
  • More than 15 recognition languages supported.


  • Contain Ads for free versions
  • Can’t scan more than 200 cards in free version
  • Limited features and access for free users.


  • Business Card Reader
  • World Card Mobile
  • Droid Scan Lite
  • Ever Card
  • Yolu Card Reader


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