Building Email list with Google Drive sounds cool, right? Yes, you can easily build an active Email list with Google Drive following the below guide. Please note that this is for educational purpose alone.

1. Sign in to your Google Drive account.

2. Upload a classic or eye-catching file to your Google Drive(upload files you know your audience are likely to fall in love it e.g uploading of PDF files).

3. Now that the file has been uploaded, click on the file there will be a modal pop box, find link section and share it around with friends.

4. Make sure you don’t set it to anyone with the link can access the file. Make it Only Me.

Now we are done with the whole process, Now the very next thing to do is to promote the link as you like. When the link is clicked,  Google will request Sign In, when the user is signed in, he sees something like below:

Immediately the user clicks on Request Access, you’ll be prompted on both Google Drive as notification and Gmail as a mail. If you have completed the above steps effectively, you now have one Email address, keep on with the same process. As easy as ABC.

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