Blogging isn’t all about Posting, Passion these days especially for newbies but the truth is still that they are required for all Bloggers who want to succeed.  Some of every serious Blogger goal and not the gold diggers are to build a better future for their Blog, making it their own profession and also to be able to share their thoughts and opinion about something in a very simple way.

Few Questions New Bloggers Asks Answered
Today, I’m going to be nailing some of the questions bloggers ask and also will attend to any question relating to Blogging (use the contact form for faster response). I will answer as soon as I get the question.

– How do I start my Own Blog?

Wanna start your own Blog? It is easier than you think to start a Blog but growing it is where the issue lies. You can start a Blog either using your own Blogging Engine built from scratch or even purchase some that are online. But as a professional, I will simply advise you to opt-in for any already existing Blogging Platforms with great support and large user communities. The two most popular blogging platforms are Google Blogger and WordPress.
This wonderful Blog runs on WordPress CMS.

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Furthermore, your field of Blogging  (niche, better still I say what you are very good at and want to start a blog on) and your aim will be what will guide you to opt-in for the best blogging platform.

Also, you need a Domain name relating to what you do. For example, as a New Blogger wanting to blog about Fabrics, I can go for the domain similar to, etc. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy, Namecheap, etc.

– Is WordPress free?

Yes, WordPress is free compared to Google blogger. WordPress is an open source CMS, anyone can view, edit and contribute. You can even start your own WordPress blog on your own PC using a local web server like Laragon (Read More here), unlike Google blogger. The things you pay for are Hosting, Domains, Themes, and Plugins. Using a Web Hosting like Namecheap, you can get your Blog online for as low as $10 and about $20 if you are getting your own custom domain and you can migrate later to a more advanced company.

– Which host can I use for my WordPress?

There are thousands of hosting and some are even recommended by WordPress itself: Siteground, GoDaddyHostgatorBluehostNamecheap, etc. They are cheap and reliable as well.

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– How can I get Traffic?

Content is king, what you share on your Blog determines whether you will get people to visit each time or just make them come and go without even returning. Also, create awareness and don’t underestimate social media, guest posting, and free promotions. Read this guide.

– How Much Will I Make Monthly?

Okay, let’s make this monthly basis and forget about daily or weekly for now. I have received couples of emails asking how much this Blog make and how without Google AdSense, well it is easy. As a newbie, you shouldn’t focus on the Earnings, for now, try to build up your blog to an advanced level.
In my own case, it took me almost 5 Months before I was actually able to earn my first $25  on the internet which came through a Sponsored Post. It was really a tough thing then but at least, I made it.

Depending on how much work and dedication you give to your blog, the more you earn, believe me, it is not a matter of just Publishing 50 new contents daily but make sure you spend more time reading, learning, observing, experimenting than writing. It works!

Let your questions keep coming in, remember to share with your blogging partners.

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