Want to start an online forum is easy especially when you're using the best free forum software which is not maintained by just a team but by the whole of the internet. Here are 6 highly rated free forum software of 2018.

A forum which is more or less like a meeting is a medium of sharing knowledge, ideas, and views together with one another. Speaking more about a forum, that is when the best free forum software comes in handy since forum can exist both online or offline.
Best Free Forum Software 2018
Starting an online forum in 2018 is quite easier in this era, all you have to do is Google search what platform you can use and boom, you get your results.
Although there are hundreds of free forum software/forum creator around meanwhile just a few are properly coded, maintained, and as well have those stunning features everyone will love to have in a forum, so imagine a forum where users can’t contact each other privately?
In this article, I have made a list of the best six (6) free forum software in 2018 that you can use with ease.

Best Free Forum Software 2018

1. MyBB

One of the oldest free forum software around for years with a large community. MyBB is a PHP/MYSQL open source forum software which means you can add, edit, and remove features, also you can contribute to the growth of the software.
This forum software has plugin and themes features extended which makes it very easy to customize.

2. bbPress

bbPress is one of the most popular free forum software built for the giant CMS (WordPress). For sure it is an open source project built with PHP/MYSQL and it is very easy to set up and use.
The downside is you can only use with WordPress, it can’t stand alone.

3. Vanilla Forums

This is one of the best open source forums around in 2018 which can be easily customized and easy to use. Also, it is extended to WordPress making it a lot easier for anyone who doesn’t want to run forum alone.
Vanilla Forums has a large community of users where you can ask questions, tons of themes and plugins you can download from to set up your dream online forum. Built with PHP/MYSQL and on some hosts, it is available in the auto installer section (Installatron).

4. Flarum

Flarum is the next generation of free forum software with the ability to enhance and make online discussions more fun, easier than ever. It is a PHP/MYSQL open source project as well, it is very fast and easy to use.
Although it is still in beta which means you can’t really use it yet unless you’re sure to keep your forum backed up every hour so as to avoid data loss, also setting it up is quite difficult to set up especially for beginners.

5. phpBB

You have heard about phpBB forum software before and if you haven’t, in the past one month you should have stumbled across one or more forums powered by this wonderful free forum software.
This is the number one free, popular, and open source forum software around for years with tons of cool features. It is highly customizable even with little to no programming knowledge, everything can be done from the admin dashboard.

6. Simple Machine Forums

SMF is a free and professional grade forum software that allows you to set up your own dream beautiful online forum. Similar to the others, this is also backed with PHP/MYSQL with themes and plugin features.


Using any of the above free forum software is totally safe and easy to use. They are also properly coded and maintained from time to time with awesome features.