Lately, it is hard to decide which is the best Android Games one can enjoy because Technology keeps improving day by day and more advancement and features are coming into the gaming environment.
Some games can help you simulate real-life experience with the 3D  display.
best android games 2018
If you are looking for the list of best Android games you can lay your hands on this August/September 2018, you’ve got the list.

2019 Best Android Games of 2018

  • Alto’s Adventure
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Badland
  • Big Little Farmer
  • Causality
  • Death Road to Canada
  • Dissembler
  • Evoland 2
  • Fire Emblem: Heroes
  • Framed 2
  • Fruit Ninja
  • HQ Trivia
  • Limbo Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Reigns: Her Majesty
  • Smash Hit
  • Stranger Things: The Game
  • Subway Surfers
  • Temple Run
  • The Room: Old Sins


Temple run
Temple Run is one of the first games known on the smartphone and its popularity makes it known to all.
This game deals with running an endless long distance while trying to dodge obstacles or traps, you’re tasked with avoiding being caught by a monster.
Also, avoid falling into pits and at the same time, trying to collect the coins and other goodies available along the route.
This collected coins can be used to purchase things from the game store.


subway surfers
Subway Surfers is also an endless running game similar to Temple Run, and it is one of the most popular and downloaded games on the Android device.
You have to keep running and avoiding obstacles and trains while also collecting the coins along the way and making sure the cop running after you don’t meet up with you.
The coins collected can be used to unlock other characters, buying jetpack and other things.


fruit ninja
Fruit Ninja is an interesting offline game on Android, all you have to do is slice all fruits of the same type that appears on your screen with your finger.
However, you should be careful of the explosives that come along in between the fruits to avoid an explosion!
A good Workout for your finger, definitely one of the best android games you should try out.


Asphalt 8: Airborne is arguably one of the best and most interesting offline mobile games on Android devices.
This game is similar to other Asphalt games known by everyone.
However, four options are available for you to control:

  • Tilt to steer
  • Tap to steer
  • Tilt and icons
  • On-screen controls.

Although, the games consume a lot of storage space.
Without a single doubt is an addictive game you would love to have on your device.


Limbo is a puzzle game that is available for play in an offline mode on your Android device, it also comes in 2D.
Elements of the environment are needed to solve the puzzle before the players can move on.
However, the players are tasked with things like electricity, bullets and water management and avoiding carelessness!


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an offline game on the Android device that deals with a large open world for survival and creation.
New worlds can be created by the players.
Building and Mining kinds of stuff can be enjoyed in the creative or survival mode which allows them to do lots of other interesting things, like killing the bad guys’ et al.
This interesting game is enough to keep you busy all day.


Alto Adventure is an offline adventure game on Android devices which is about the journey of Alto and his friends on a snowboard.
Ilamas can be rescued and collected on the way while performing stunts.
Avoiding getting crashed is the real deal though.
An interesting game that can whip you off boredom.


Badland is a partial action-filled adventure game that is established in a dark forest.
The forest seems beautiful but there are some things not right about it.
However, the player is tasked with controlling a creature to find out what’s wrong.
Obstacles and traps are something to be avoided while playing.
And the game offers a multiplayer feature that supports up to 4 players.
23 levels are to be played and an impressive experience of gaming is guaranteed.


smash hit
Smash hit is a running game where players have to destroy obstacles on their way by throwing balls. 50 different rooms and 12 styles are included in the game.
This games requires full concentration, attention and focus in order not to only travel as fat as possible but to also destroy glass objects that block the way.


Big Little Farmer is an interesting offline game that deals with farm building, cultivating and harvesting your crops.
It is an amazing game for a potential farmer, you get to experience the stress-free life of a farmer.
Your products are to hr sold with the use of a delivery truck, making yourself wealthy by attending to orders as you progress.
You have to sell your products through a delivery truck, fulfill orders and make yourself wealthy as you progress in the game.
It sounds easy but you have to work harder to improve your farm productivity and become successful while seeing your agricultural experience grow.


From the above list, there are more than 8 of best Android games available to you this 2017 some are played online and others online.
If you are still contemplating, you can check through the list of best racing games you can enjoy offline on your Android.
If your choice is to play games on an emulator, then best PPSSPP games list is tight for you.
However, if you think there is an interesting offline game that is worth being on the list but was omitted, list it in the comment section below.

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