How to backup your phone contact, MMS, etc as Text

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Many people using Android 4.2 or below experience problem while backing up their files for security purpose.
Most Android 4.4+ devices have a built in Backup/Restore applications, messages, contacts even gallery.

How to backup your files on any Android Device

1.  Insert an external SDCARD with up to 2gb free space

Power off your phone, boot into recovery mode (pressing power button together with volume up button or power button together with volume down).

Now I assume we are all on our Recovery Mode, select Backup, wait for some minutes. Reboot your phone then you will find the filename.backup on your SDCARD.

2. Using AFLogical

In case you’re scared or found method one stressful, then this is a perfect alternative for you. Download and Install AFLogical application using Play Store, launch it and follow the prompt on backing up your data, and you’re good.

3. If your phone has Backup/Restore application installed by default, use it.

But the advantage of method 2 over the others is that it backup as texts.

4. Synchronizing all your data as they change to your Google account

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