A few days ago, I published an article “10 Things Every Blogger should Do in 2017″ and I lay emphasis on social media and spending more time promoting your contents than you actually write but for bloggers who are not privilege to spend a lot of time on the internet a day (just like myself), it will be somehow time-consuming if I have to go share a post to my Facebook Page, Group, Twitter Account, Google+ and others.
But using any of the 5 tools listed below, you don’t have to worry about sharing manually to your social media accounts, all you need is just some minutes to grant the tool permissions to post on your behalf.
1. Google FeedBurner
Commonly referred to as FeedBurner, it is easy to set up even for a Layman and in fact, it’s one of the tools I’m using on this Blog.
The disadvantages of this tool include: it’s only limited to Twitter, Facebook Account (not page) and Google+ (if you’re using blogger.com).
2. Jetpack Publicize
Jetpack is an effective and a plugin that is recommended for WordPress bloggers. If you have it installed, I’m sure you don’t know it has an inbuilt auto Publish feature for social media.
Its major disadvantage is that it uses WordPress.com instead of your blogname.com which can have a high effect on your brand (but it shouldn’t be an issue). Also, it includes a very long excerpt before the post title and URL without pagination and this will make your post look rough.
3. Scoopit
Scoop.it Content Director is the SMB-focused solution for Lean Content Marketing. It allows Content Marketers to set and document their goals and then, manage their Content Marketing Strategy (Planning publishing, Sourcing content, Publishing content & Measuring impact and ROI).
Scoop.it aims to help, with its content curation platform. It helps you find the most popular online articles about your chosen topics, then makes it easy to create content and share that info with others—inside Scoop.it, on your own blog, or via social networks.
The cons of this tool are that if you’re using the free plan, you can’t add more than 2-5 channels (social accounts) and your link is shortened using the service URL shortener. But all this can be fixed just by paying for some plan.
4. Dlvrit
Dlvr claims to be delivering over 5 million items daily for more than 1,000,000 individuals, businesses, and global brands. Dlvr.it helps you to publish one feed updates to multiple sites like Fb, Twitter and LinkedIn. In short, it’s a social media content distribution service the and best part is it’s completely free.  The con of the network is that it uses its brand name while auto-posting (I don’t have much idea about this service).
5. OnlyWire
OnlyWire offers a user the capacity to have it post content for them in an automated manner. This ensures that a user can be able to schedule content that needs to be posted and facilitating the same to the tool.
With that aspect covered, the tool is able to have the posting process automated to give a user an ease of operation and a reprieve when it comes to posting the content. Other features: Reporting and analysis, Multifunction sharing, Branded submissions, Multiuser.
The same service set up that is being offered by OnlyWire is offered for free by other platforms like the ones listed above which makes it a costly path to achieve social media integration in the marketing process.
Other Tools

Did I miss anything out? What’s your own say on these tools? Comment below and share with other bloggers. Thanks.

, 5 Social Media Auto Publishing Tools For Bloggers
Article Name
5 Social Media Auto Publishing Tools For Bloggers
You don't have to worry about sharing manually to your social media accounts, all you need is just some minutes to grant the tool permissions to post on your behalf.

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