The simplest, safest and say fastest way to download apps to your Android device is using official app store (Google Play Store). But in some cases, you might need to install apps from other sources online which are not always safe, or maybe you’re looking for some apps that are not available in Google Play Store.
Also, you might need to install apps from other sources if the app in question is not available in your country/location yet or your PlayStore apps keep coming up with the insufficient storage even when having sufficient free memory.
Today, I will be explaining how to download and install android apps with the official app store. But before then, the very first thing needed to be attended is to enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

  • Navigate to your phone Settings and open
  • Then navigate and click on “Security” or “Security and Privacy” depending on your device.
  • Check “Allow installation from unknown sources“.

Please note that after installing the app successfully,  please do turn off the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Install Apps Without Google PlayStore – Google Play Alternatives

There are several ways of installing apps on Android externally but in this article, I will be laying emphasis on few that has been used for years and trusted not just by me but by others too.


Similar to Google Play Store, APK4Fun only share the original APK file of any app, that means those apps are uploaded untouched to their server where you can easily download them. Furthermore, this store is well known and is dedicated to finding Latest, Featured and useful Android app for everyone and the site is always updated meaning that all apps are in their most recent versions.
All you have to do is head straight to the site, search for the app you want to download and BOOM! Install it.


Earlier this year, one of best powerful YouTube video downloader update comes with an inbuilt PlayStore like feature. Currently, most non-featured apps cannot be found probably because it is new or they don’t support them, well I think the store keeps growing daily.
To start your download, all you have to do is install the multipurpose app Vidmate and after that, proceed to click and click on the search option, enter the app name and press search. On search, there will be three tabs “Video, Google, Apps“, simply click on apps then download the app. After downloading, Vidmate will prompt you to install it.

Apk Mirror

APK mirror is one of the largest external Android App stores on the internet. They provide support for downloads based on Variants so that you won’t end up downloading the app that is not meant for your device and also apps are verified before upload.
Head on to their website to begin search and download.


Now, F-Droid is basically different from all that have been mentioned above as it a catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. It is very similar to Google Play store but F-Droid only provides Free and Open-Source software.
To get started, download the official F-Droid from Google Play Store, from their website or any of the above online store you’re set.


Those above four website/apps are the ones I recommend if you want to install an Android application without using Google Play store. By default, installing APKs from unknown sources is disabled and this is not a mistake because it’s basically unsafe to just download any random APK from the Web and install them on your Android device, you might end up downloading Metasploit, Malware, Virus, etc.
Subsequently, that may seem conflicting and ask yourself why did I even posted about how to install from android apps without the Google Play Store, this doesn’t seem wrong as long as you trust where the apps are coming from and also using any of the above is safe.
It is recommended you disable installation of unknown apps after downloading and installing the app, by not doing so, you are opening the door for any malware-infected or malicious apps to silently run, download other nefarious software silently in the background. Disabling the option will reduce the risk of getting affected by malicious apps.

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