Algorand, the world’s first open-source, permission-free, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next financial product generation partnered with Encode, a community of university blockchain developers that organize hackathons, events, and similar programs to launch a code club branded as Algorand club.

This partnership is one of the most exciting Algorand collaborations in recent times as it seeks to provide an avenue for blockchain developers to make ground-breaking breakthroughs in their project.

Encode is an online blockchain developing group of undergraduate students, scholars, and programmers. Encode works directly with universities through scholars & student associations, societies, and organizations in places such as Oxford, Cambridge, London, Rome, Zurich, and many more.

This platform that ensures that upcoming developers and programmers are privileged to meet people with similar goals and objective, and also makes sure that ideas and knowledge can be shared easily between individuals to enhance the smooth realization of each goal.

Much like its development intent, Encode club organized numerous events and hackathons to accelerate massive blockchain adoption among students in particular.

Encode has proved once again to be persistent in running a hackathon called CLUB with the just confirmed collaboration with Algorand.

The ‘Club‘ is a 10-week hackathon to be coordinated by Algorand and encoded intending to choose 3-10 groups with a maximum of 6 talented students or anyone with a wonderful project concept to help create and ultimately finance them.

The ‘Club‘ is an online pre-accelerator that takes the world’s best university, hackathon, and early-stage ventures and helps them make the jump to become full-fledged entrepreneurs. Encode, having just conducted its first Club to great with ThunderCore where four projects received a follow-up grant. Although applications have been opened right from the day of the announcement, the club will be starting on the 31st of August, 2020.

It will provide the participants with a great blockchain framework to develop on, and also enable participants to have a similar blockchain to develop on instead of having multiple Blockchains, according to Encode. This will also promote similarities and allow ideas to be exchanged.

Objectives of the Algorand ‘Club’

The idea of this event is that when creative blockchain developers are done with hackathons, they have a huge room of potentials, and promising ‘innovative projects’ to start building but aren’t ready for a full-time commitment. This partnership is laced to develop a system to help these smart developers enter the next level.

So ‘Club’ was born. Additionally, there is also an aspiration for all teams to build together on one platform so that at the same stage they have the team spirit, support, and feedback from other teams. Thus, a platform where everyone is encouraged and solutions are provided.

Who can participate?

Encode is primarily built for students around the globe with interest in the blockchain world, it is only logical to conclude that this partnership event is for students.

However, interested applicants are free to apply as long as they do have a project idea they wish to build, and since the event is a virtual program to be done online, it doesn’t need a lot of attention thus it can be just on a part-time or mentorship. Furthermore, there is a maximum of 6 people allowed in each group and one must not have received grants before opting to the club.

How to apply and the process involved.

  • There is will be an awareness session on Thursday, 20th August at 5.30 pm London time (see here). It is about providing more information and answering questions.
  • Apply by filling the form here. The best 3-10 to join the Club will be picked.
  • The Club will begin on August 31st and will run until the end of October.
  • Projects will meet regularly for a mentor and talk session or workshop.
  • Projects will also get a one-one weekly feedback session.
  • Projects are supposed to demonstrate progress regularly.
  • After 10 weeks, a Demo Day show will be held to highlight completed projects. The best choice will be put further forward for funding.


  • A 4000 pounds grant.
  • Support will be given throughout along with full guidance.
  • Mentorship from leading investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Support from the world’s best, the Algorand team.
  • Free product marketing to the already available Algorand community and the world at large.
  • Help with further raising of funds.
  • Access to a private discord community of other teams.
  • Building on the best blockchain, Algorand.


For more information, check out the official website for the club.

Algorand, the scalable blockchain protocol has always promoted the adoption of blockchain and facilitated events that enhance blockchain adoption. This is evident through their partnership with BlockchainEdu and even further evident through this new collaboration with Encode to form the ‘Algorand club’ that it is channeling its resources towards ensuring improved an improved positive crypto influence in the world at large.

Article Written by Funke Fatai (Algorand ambassador)

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