Although AdGuard is rivaled by the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extension which are totally free for use compared to this software and this currently makes it one of the best three AdBlockers software you can ever come across online with support on every platform, I mean on available for Android, iOS and Windows users.
The main purpose of using an AdBlocker is to remove advertising banners not from all web pages but from those web pages that serve annoying adverts and dangerous adverts.
Talking about the dangerous adverts is more or less like talking about most of the pop-up and pop-under adverts that in most cases causes virus installation if you every view them.

AdGuard Review

This wonderful and powerful tool is one of the most populous and most used AdBlocking software available on the internet and for all platforms.
But save the part that the AdBlocking software is not completely free compared to its competitors because the software offers, even more, features apart from removing and blocking of advert banners on sites but also it helps maintain your internet access by providing you with the best features to access the internet more safely.
This powerful software also protects you from phishing and malware attacks, it also completely filters every dangerous material on a very website and makes sure none of your information are stolen from you even when visiting a dangerous website.
It automatically injects its safety script at the header of every website to protect your security against what is rendered and this is so cool.

Download AdGuard

AdGuard AdBlocker is available on all the three major platforms (Android, Windows PC, Mac) and easy to set up. To start using the software on your device, you need to download the software first and start enjoying.

  • To download the software on your Windows PC, click HERE
  • To download the software on your Android Device, click HERE
  • To download the software on your Mac PC, click HERE


Before proceeding to download this software, it has four major features including AdBlocker, Secured Browsing with Protection, Stealth mode and Parental control.


This powerful AdBlock software can block any type of advertisements perfectly including pop ads, Video ads, and banner ads. Using the software can majorly help you achieve:

  • Clean, Safe and Perfect Browsing experience without ads
  • Reduce data usage since ads will not be displayed
  • Some scripts will not be rendered and this will result in high load speed.

Secured Browsing with Protection

Like I said earlier, there is more of this software than just the AdBlocker feature. AdGuard makes use of a global blacklist which is used to filter the hazardous websites from the ones that are okay.
The software blacklist contains more than millions of websites that are hazardous to you and your computer because they either install a virus on your computer or they steal away your useful information.
With this AdBlock software, you can reduce the risk of getting your computer infected.
But that’s not all, the software also provides an Antiphishing feature which is achieved by URL comparing with the one in their database in real time but takes a little longer for web pages to load if this feature is activated.
This is one of the best features offered by this software you can hardly find on other software.

Stealth Mode

Well, we all know the way some websites e.g Facebook and some Advertising Network
e.g Google tracks everyone internet activities including searches queries, websites visited recently, etc to improve and make them serve us better as they say.
But now, you can worry less about this with the AdGuard’s Stealth Mode features protects web pages, advertising networks from tracking your activities on the internet.

Parental Control

With the parental control, there are just so many more features as you can protect your kids by restricting their access to some websites which are not okay for them e.g adult websites, etc and you won’t have to worry about their privacy online any longer.

More Features

  1. The software works in all browsers and application even system apps
  2. Can block all kinds of ads
  3. Very easy to use as it does it work in the background while you surf the internet without a single worry
  4. Instantly prompt you when you try accessing a suspicious website
  5. Worry less about trackers on websites, it deactivates all and protects your privacy
  6. Parental Control to protect children’s safety online and blocks access to ‘adult’ websites;
  7. Special AdGuard Assistant which makes managing of the program easier right from the browser
  8. No special skills required to use the software, Works «out of the box», no additional settings needed
  9. Quick and Accelerated access web pages as websites without tons of banners the pages are opened much faster
  10. Save Bandwidth, Save Battery, Save Traffic. With this smart software, Ads are removed even before the page is loaded into the browser, and makes the web page opens already clean and bandwidth is not consumed on displaying of ads.
  11. For developers, you can customize the way each page is rendered by adding your own custom script and configure the protection just the way you want it. Gives opportunity to add own user scripts and thus configure protection the way you want.

Why Adguard?

Why is this software recommended for you right? AdGuard is trusted and used by millions of user worldwide with different Languages support including: Russian, English, German, Indonesian, Spanish (Latin America), French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Korean, Armenian, Chinese (Simplified).
Adguard is just the real solution for those who are tired of annoying ads and more internet protection other software can give them for as low as $2 monthly and $60 a lifetime fee for premium protect which is extremely cheap for the features included. Also, you can decide to purchase a cheaper plan.
To be sure you’re doing the right thing, the software provides 14 Days free trial which there will be no annoying adverts banners, distracting flash animation, annoying video advertising, etc. After which you will be required to purchase a plan.


🙂 Protecting your privacy online is one of the things to do and this is what this application will make you achieve exactly. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.