AdGuard Review – Best Ad Blocking Software

AdGuard is a free and paid software available on Android, Windows, and iOS devices in which the main purpose is to block ads and give the best security experience while the user is browsing.

AdBlockers are majorly used to remove advertising banners, annoying pops, and dangerous adverts on any site around and it is mostly available either as an extension to browser or software as a standalone.

AdBlockers such as AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions are the most popular AdBlockers around because they are extremely free to use.

Adblock, AdBlock Plus, and AdGuard are the best for too for ad removal you can ever think of.


A very large percentage of those using AdBlockers regard AdGuard as the best and most powerful adblocking too ever available on all the platforms.

Definitely, it could have been the overall best if the service is offered totally free or the trial period is extended.

Saying more about the features of this awesome tool which is paid unlike its competitors, it offers more premium features for the price which includes maintaining your privacy on the internet by using some kind of filters which free extensions do not offer making it much safer to access the internet.

AdGuard Review - Best Ad Blocking Software

Furthermore, this software can also help and protect you from phishing sites and malware attacks.

It filters out completely all the dangerous sites and dangerous materials on each site you visit.

With some sort of spammy sites identification, it is not easy to steal your information whenever you’re visiting such a site.

AdGuard automatically injects its script into the header section of every site visit when the software is in.

AdGuard is globally trusted and used by millions of user with support for different Languages support including but not limited to: Russian, English, German, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Korean, Armenian, Chinese.

Download AdGuard

Irrespective of the device you are using, AdGuard AdBlocker is available for your review as it is available on all the three major platforms: Windows, Mac (iOS).

It is very easy to start the download process.

You need to visit the official site of the software and download the software there.

It is mandatory you download from the official site otherwise you are likely to download an entirely different thing.

Here is a break down of the download links. To download for your

Windows – CLICK HERE
Android Device – CLICK HERE

AdGuard Features

  • AdBlocker
  • Secured Browsing with Protection
  • Stealth Mode
  • Parental Control


This feature is common and you can achieve the same by using any of the free ad-blocking tools around.

AdGuard is extremely powerful and customizable and is capable of blocking any type of ad with ease.

Block with stress video ads, pop ads, and banner ads.

Secured Browsing with Protection

AdGuard utilizes a real-time update global blacklist to regulate and filter out the use of a global blacklist which is used to filter out dangerous websites.

Perhaps the best feature anyone can think of, even though the list might not contain all the dangerous websites online but it will help.

When you visit such website and it is on the blacklist of this software, there will be a restriction for you from accessing the site.

Such websites are dangerous because they can install dangerous stuff on your PC or steal your important information.

And the worst of it all is there are more than a million of such website on the internet.

Also, before rendering a website to you, this software scans the whole URL and compare it with the most recent version in the database.

This is to ensure there haven’t been any changes in the past few days or the site is involved in some kind of phishing activities.

This process makes loading of websites a bit longer than expected.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is another feature of this tool which allows you to surf the internet almost undetectable or trackable.

Forget about incognito mode, stealth mode is perfect even in a normal browsing mode.

Facebook and Google track users to increase their performance on the next visit and to serve them ads.

With the stealth mode active, there is less to worry about as it takes care of such tracking activities.

Parental Control

Want to restrict certain web pages for your younger ones?

This feature comes in handy in the software as you can hide and prevent your kids from accessing some websites.

Restricting access to adult and dangerous site is a perfect idea definitely.

AdGuard Features

With AdGuard installed on your device, you can enjoy:

  • A safe, clean, and top-notch fast browsing experience
    Less data usage since ads is not displayed because some scripts will go through the obfuscation process.
  • Blocking all kinds of ads
  • Easy and cool internet experience while the software does it work in the background
  • Instant notification when accessing a suspicious website
  • Less worry about trackers on websites you visits when you’re in stealth mode.
  • Parental Control to protect kid’s online and blocks access to adult and dangerous websites
  • Assistance from the AdGuard Assistant which lets you manage the program hassle-free from the browser
  • All these features with no special skills required to use the software.

AdGuard Review - Best Ad Blocking Software

AdGuard Pricing

AdGuard offers three major plans:

Standard Protection: Support only Android device and starts from as low as $1.66 monthly

Premium protection: Supports Android, Mac and Android devices and you can get this for as low as $2.06 monthly

Mobile protection: The cheapest of all which only works on Android device and charge as low as $0.83 for a month.

It is better to opt-in for the lifetime subscription of the software, click here to visit start your free 14 days trial.

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