AddThis vs SumoMe: Social Media is one of the medium bloggers can use to promote and share their content,  information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression easily, and no doubt depending on the number of your followers on a Social Network, e.g Facebook, this can give you tons of traffic in return.
addthis vs sumome
Furthermore, when you write an in-depth article about something you know about and proceed to publish it to your blog, surely when users like such article, they will be very much pleased to share the content with others.
Here are the basic things you enjoy as a content creator when users share:

  • Increase Brand Trust
  • More Traffic and Conversion
  • Social Recognition.

But wait, before users can share those articles of yours, you have to convince them you’re worthy of it. This is where the AddThis vs SumoMe question comes up but keep reading :).
There are numerous ways in which a content creator convince the users/readers to share the content even if they don’t want to share.
Below are some reasons why readers might decide not to make any engagement with your content :

  • Too many Advertisement/Slow loading website
  • The sites contain more junky articles than the real ones
  • Share button not found
  • Blacklisted URL
  • No catchy prefix for share.

AddThis vs SumoMe 5 Social Media Auto Publishing Tools For Bloggers
After you must have taken care of those issues above, the very next important thing is SHARE BUTTON which you can place manually or by using scripts so as to avoid the delay in the process of just writing your own.
There are tons of Social Media Sharing tools on the internet but in this article, there will be a focus of attention mainly on AddThis and SumoMe since both are popular and well used.
And also, there will be a quick comparison AddThis vs SumoMe by listing out each of their pros and cons.

AddThis Vs SumoMe


addthis vs sumome
Who doesn’t know or e heard about AddThis before?
AddThis is one of the best online Social media sharing tools for Website which can work with any type of website and also has some other basic marketing tools that are easy to setup and use and also it has a wide range of support for almost all Social media networks.
AddThis currently reaches more than 1.3 billion unique users monthly.


  •  Clean UI, User-Friendly
  • AddThis is free to use
  • Uses cookies to display social network the user is likely to share with
  • Highly customizable, Related Posts Feature, Mobile Friendly.


  • Doesn’t work if AdBlocking is enabled
  • AddThis Branding when shared on Facebook.


addthis vs sumome
SumoMe is a very popular and commonly used website traffic tools by bloggers because of it offers premium features for free and also has a lot of cool features including Social Share (with floating buttons), Email List Building, Traffic Exchange, Related Post widget, etc.
In other words, SumoMe is a scripting toolkit which enables users to install a growing number of apps on their site.


  • Flexibility, Customizable Grow lists
  • One script, numerous functions
  • Instant results.


  • SumoMe JavaScript makes site loads slowly which will result in a bad user experience
  • SumoMe brand name in the free version
  • SumoMe is still growing.

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