The major reason for using an App Lock on a mobile device especially Android which this article is based on is to prevent unauthorized access to the device and to prevent this, just the security PIN or Pattern won’t be enough since all apps will be accessible as soon as the device is unlocked.
App lock, 5 Smart App Lock Free for Android
A few years back, there are lots of App locking apps in the Play Store which looks promising but some of them are really messy than they look, they ain’t smart enough to prevent themselves from uninstalling without any unlocking or whatsoever and App hasn’t really been my thing then.
What I do majorly is to freeze the apps I know contains sensitive information, also the Guest mode on my Android device doesn’t fail me and lastly using some launchers to hide apps from the apps menu which we all know isn’t a smart way of keeping apps access away from an Android geek.
In this article, I will be enumerating 15 smart apps locking that are free to use on Android.

5 Smart App Lock Free for Android


App lock, 5 Smart App Lock Free for Android
This is the most downloaded and used locking app on Android because it’s effective and easy to use. It doesn’t show up in your apps list talkless of a spy getting the ability to uninstall it. It has a pattern, PIN, and fingerprint unlock feature.

Smart Hide Calculator

What if I tell you it is possible to hide your files behind a calculator :)? This Smart App Locker behaves like a normal calculator and also is an effective way of hiding your apps.
Furthermore, features like hiding and unhiding apps can be achieved for rooted devices.  It has a pattern and PIN unlock feature.

App Lock

This is also one of my best App Locking app for Android because of its special integration with Samsung devices and Android Marshmallow OS fingerprint, with this, you can also unlock your apps with a fingerprint.
Also, more features than just an ordinary app lock, you can lock your connections, screen timeout and other things. It has a pattern, PIN, and fingerprint unlock feature.

AppLock – Fingerprint

Locking your apps away from intruders is quite easier with this app. Just from the name, it might not work as expected for devices without fingerprint but there are also other options up there which such users can choose from.
But that’s not all, this app also takes a record i.e picture of every intruder without their consent and save it on your phone.

LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

LOCKit is also one of the best smart lock apps you can get on the Google Play store for free, this app hides videos, pictures, apps and every other necessary thing including SMS.
App lock, 5 Smart App Lock Free for Android


All of the above-listed apps are the best smart App Lock you use on your Android device for free and are certain to fulfill some major conditions before they are listed here.
Some of the features that are in all the apps above are: PIN and Pattern unlock is available in all, meanwhile almost all save the Smart Calculator doesn’t have the fingerprint unlock feature.
Also, these apps have not just the ability to lock apps but they also lock files, SMS, Call logs and other sensitive information. Using these apps, you might experience Ads since they are free and their developers want it that way.
So, is/are there other smart app locks you think should be on this list? Share in the comment box below. 🙂

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