5 Awesome Features You Don’t Know Gmail Has

Google Mail changed the game from what was so conventional with an innovation that is highly celebrated till today . The terrific minimal interface was offered with a massive storage capacity all for free. Some evolution has taken place since then with several attempts from Gmail to improve the user experience.
5 Awesome Features You Don't Know Gmail Has
Google Chrome now offers Gmail Offline, which is a great way to turn your Gmail website into a desktop client. Every time a new email hits your inbox, Chrome will automatically cache it so that you can have access to read it later with/without an internet connection.

Do you think you have mastered your Gmail? I am presenting to you 5 tips and tricks you may have been missing:

1. Select multiple messages: Are you tired of clicking individual messages and you do not want to select them one after the other? Gmail offers you an easy way out, you just have to select the first message in the set and hold the shift key till the last message in the set. This will automatically select all, enabling you to perform further action on the selected messages.

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2. Blank message prompts bypass: Whenever you send messages where the subject is the entire message, a familiar prompt will ask you if you want to send the message without body text. To bypass the prompt, type “(EOM)” or “EOM” at the nadir of the message subject to inform Gmail that it is the end of the message.

3. Use address aliases: Email aliases are not part of the Gmail program, but you can add a “+” to the end of your username to create one. For instance, messages posted to username+alias@gmail.com will be delivered to username@gmail.com. This is useful for setting up filters to your email address.

4. It is your username either with dots or no dots: Gmail does not recognize dots as characters within a username. This means that if your email address is username@gmail.com, then u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com and user.name@gmail.com are also yours.

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5. Send and archive at once: If you enjoy archiving sent messages immediately then you can save yourself a step by adding a Send and Archive button. Go to the Labs section of your mail settings and enable the send and archive button. Send and Archive feature has tremendously helped if your target is to have a zero message. It automatically transfers conversations into archive immediately you respond to an email. If the thread is reopened, it will move it back to your inbox until you respond to it.

Any other you know that is not listed here? Share with us

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