It’s 2017 and Technology is growing and moving to the next step everday. URL shorteners is one of the great things technology has implemented.
Oops, you don’t know about URL shortners? URL shortners allows you to shorten links, so they can be more presentable. An instance is this blog Facebook’s Page, instead of using the default long link, it can easily be accessed using, whereby making it accessible using either of the links and that helps in branding.
Why You should Never Use URL Shortners:
Yes, it does have bad sides too.
1. People will have no prior idea of where the link is heading to unless there’s a proper description attached to the link.
2. Most people consider it as SPAM links.
3. You might not get a perfect 301 redirection (Link Cloaking occurs).
4. Time consuming, some social network blacklist them easily.
Best 3 URL Shortners
Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the companies in any way, I’m sharing what worked out for me.
1. Bit.Ly
Who doesn’t know this company? I’ll even say they render the best shortning services. Bit has wonderful UI both for mobile and desktop users, the links are customisable and their stats counter are amazing.
The problems you might face with this company: It hardly works on Opera mini, limited short and custom links slot for free users and they hardly blacklist links.
2. Google URL Shortner
The world most preferred and used URL shortner, why? Because everything is totally free, link checking for SPAM or malware, etc
Google URL shortner won’t inform you if any of your link happenes to be the one against their standard, you can’t customise the links because they are auto generated and can’t edited.
, 3 URL Shortners Everyone Should Know About
NOT RECOMMENDED: But if your wanna monetize your links or blog comments, this service is recommended for you (it doesn’t look professional, I warned you).
Last year I wrote a review about this network, and you know the funniest thing? I haven’t make up to $2 with it, it’s not as if they are not paying but I don’t like using stuffs like that. All I earned with it now is through its referral program.
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3 URL Shortners Everyone Should Know About


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