Last week, I was able to define what branding is: Internet branding (also referred to as Online branding) is a brand management technique that uses the World Wide Web as a medium for positioning a brand in the marketplace. Website creation and optimization, web search social media, blogs, online press releases, and video marketing are all methods used for online branding purposes.

I believe you read my article 10 things every blogger must do in 2017. just as promised, I will be giving more tips that helps one branding, revenue and search engine results.

Please Note: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name.

10 Tips To Improve Your Blog Brand

10 Tips To Improve Your Blog Brand

1. Choose a unique and smart brand name, that can be remembered easily and also short also make sure your tagline is not too long  but having passing a message. E.g Tagline for this blog is Be a tech nerd!  Not too long or short and passing a catchy message.

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2. Never underestimate the power of media when it comes to branding. Create Facebook Page, Twitter Account and others you think you should join.

3. Engage in quizzes using your brand name and if you can afford the capital, sponsor a quiz.

4. Create an About Us, Contact Us, Owner / Contributors Bio pages.

5. Get a custom and well recognized domain name and setup an email with it. E.g Get a logo also.

6. Make Freebies under your brand name and give your users.

7. Don’t ever ignore a message from your users, read them and reply as soon as you can.

8. Customize your Blog, feed and Email footer with your blog logo and link meanwhile it should’nt be too big.

9. Include your brand name of images (remember it must be transparent)

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10. What you offer and your dedication really matters. When what your brand provides are unique and follow the steps above, you get your brand engaged easily.

11. Be loyal.

What are the other vital things I missed out? Drop them in comments section.

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